Decor purchases of the week

I have more furniture and other decor than I know what to do with. Daros and I have multiple homes and skyboxes, spread across two locations. Everything from a steampunk tower rooted to the ground, to a beach hacienda flung way up in the air: you name it, we live in it.

This week’s star decor purchases both came within the last two days. In fact, I bought one just a few minutes ago.

This is the Woodbridge Reclaimed Work Table, by Senzafine. With an 8-prim land impact, it can be rezzed as shown here, or you can click any of the drawers open. This was the purchase of a few minutes ago, at just L$130, and worth every penny. Cent. Whatever. (Is there a smaller denomination than the Linden Dollar? The Linden Cent, maybe?)

(Image shown with Advanced Lighting enabled. There is a great shadow effect under the table, but I’ve got extra shadows enabled for these pics.)

And the second purchase, made yesterday at the opening of this week’s SL Fashion Week event : the Fashion Couch (antique version) by Apple Fall. Just look at that gorgeous leather texture! This has a 7-prim land impact and comes packed with solo and couples poses and animations. The other texture designs can be seen in this image on the Apple Fall Flickr photostream. Price? Just L$250. Can’t go wrong with that ;-)

Location! Location! Location!

Senzafine mainstore

SL Fashion Week