Decor purchases of the week

This week’s decor purchases were numerous, but the standout ones for me came from the Kastle Rock Arabian Market. I spotted the table first of all, on the L$55 Thursday blog (tbh, it was the only thing at that event worth buying this week. Although female avatars may have found something to their tastes, there’s precious little to appeal to anything but the most ‘normo’ male avatar, which Skell certainly isn’t).

However, I’m starting this post with this little set of drawers and the vase, in matching distressed turquoise/gold textures. This colourway always draws my eye, and these two will be finding a home in our airy beach hacienda before the day is out.

Both drawers and vase can be found in the centre of this lovely little market. I can’t wait to see if more vendors move in, because this style of furniture has always appealed to me (which reminds me: I’m overdue a visit to Melino Style). The vase is currently just L$55 at the right side of the market as you walk in, but this is a limited-time offer. Normal price is L$79, which is still a bargain for such a beautifully-textured item.

Dig a little deeper, though, and you’ll find some breathtaking artwork in a large store section at the back of the market. Again, it was the colours that drew me. This will be finding a home in our stunning Ca’Baratto build from POST. The accent table can currently be purchased for L$60 (same location as the vase) as part of My 60L Secret (normal price is L$95). The artwork is priced at L$125. On all items there are many more colour and design options to be found.

Overall view of the market. The artwork is in the store to the right, at the back:


Kastle Rock Arabian Market