HASRA is now open

It’s the 28th century. You’re a human being or else very humanoid-like. You’re not a monster or alien or a giant turtle ninja. You’re humanoid. You’re either male or female or a variation thereof. You’re either a Merc, Fleet pilot, or a Convict Detainee. That’s it. Pick ’em and get moving, because you’re a resident of Helion Alpha Secure Rehabilitation Annex (HASRA), which is a lockdown sky-complex intended to rehabilitate former criminal convicts and prepare them for re-integration into society. This is not a punishment institution. We’re past that. In HASRA, you’re either there to be rehabilitated, to aid Convict rehabilitation, to guard the detainees and enforce the rules, or to guard the complex and employees of the complex. It’s that simple.

I can finally unveil what Daros and I have been working on for months. HASRA – Helion Alpha Secure Rehabilitation Annex – is now OPEN. HASRA is a freeform hybrid roleplay location, and I can hear you muttering, “What the fuck is one of those then, Skelly?”

Freeform means no strict rules of plot direction. We only give you the background of the world and tell you where you are and who you are (you get to pick a race, gender, and job). The rest is up to you.

Hybrid means there are no shop areas we make you slog your lil pixel ass through to get to the good stuff. We ain’t like that. There are shops scattered around the sim, unobtrusive, hidden away behind closed doors, and never in the residential areas. You can still rp in the city center where the shops are, though. They won’t interfere with the atmosphere. There are also no rental boxes in the sim. We do not rent homes or apartments. We give them to you, try to fix them up as you like, and you pay us back by being active in the sim roleplay. We also have donation boxes inside every faction HQ. These donations (and all our shop earnings) go strictly to sim tier fees and keeping the area open for roleplay. We’ve never turned a profit from the sim and we don’t expect to, but it’s a damn expensive hobby and we’d at least like to break even.

A note of caution: Please don’t think we won’t notice that you’re not active, don’t have HASRA in your profile, and never come out of your home to interact. Ever. Like for two weeks now. We will notice. If all you’re looking for is a free place to park your homeless avatar, SL provides numerous info hubs and sandboxes for homeless avatars. We are not the droids you’re looking for, and we’ll prove it with a ban.

Come in as a Convict Detainee (ConDet) who is in HASRA to be rehabilitated, a Fleet Pilot who guards and controls HASRA air and space traffic, a Mercenary (Merc) who guards and polices the residents, or even a Replicant (these are in the location in a service capacity; they run and work in the bars, clubs, diners, etc). You don’t need to come to us and apply for a position, even if you want to be the gang leader of the Cons; just go ahead and fuckin’ do it (and don’t come crying to us if some bigger, badder bastard comes and does it better than you). Teen avatars are accepted, but with a lot of restrictions (yeah, you DO need to come to us for permission to play a teen). They’re called Scarpers in HASRA and are viewed as an annoyance.

You can roleplay in the sewers that run beneath the business district (watch out for the rats) –

Cons get their own gym and boxing ring –

The residential area (there are all kinds of hidden pose locations here, for hanging out while you RP) –

Here’s where you’ll land. There’s a script-checker, so make sure you’re UNDER 100 total scripts before you enter the sim. Don’t lag us to all-fuckery, okay? We don’t allow ANY meters, either for other roleplay locations or for scripted weapons (projectile weapons are not permitted in HASRA). Click the info giver for our (very short!) notecards, plus a set of titlers. You’ll use these to show who you are, not some snazzy scripted-out-the-wazoo meter –

If you’re a Merc or Con and you’re found past this point, well woe betide thee for thou art in deep shit. This is Fleet territory, boyo –

The Fleet space station –

Fleet pilot quarters –

(Yeah, the sexbed is disabled. Sorry about that, but Jindalrae is an M-rated sim. We can’t promote or permit anything stronger than a soft-R in HASRA.)

Hey! What the–?! CLOSE THE DAMN DOOR!


The Merc location, with its hangar, merc quarters, underground bunker, and armory –

Scarper’s dorm in the business district –

Yeah, the residentials are simple on the inside, but you only need a couch and a few places to sit, right? Need more? ASK!

We’re still tweaking some things, but we’re ready for load-in, so to speak. Want a place to roleplay with limited (and commonsense) rules? Nobody breathing down your neck about storylines? You’ve just found it. We even have a few residentials (we don’t want rental money from you for them) if you want a base when you’re roleplaying and we’ll do them up for you to the best of our ability.

All we ask is the following:

  • You join the HASRA inworld group and place a pick for HASRA in your profile (use it for your character info if you like)
  • You come out of your house and actually fucking ROLEPLAY. If you just sit in your residential, unpacking your latest shopping spree before logging out, believe us we’ll notice and you won’t be in there for very long. We’ve seen far too many fantastic roleplay locations turn into social sims where people sit in their houses, talk in group chat, and never come out to, y’know, actually ROLEPLAY. Don’t do that shit in HASRA; you’ll be gone.
  • Keep your roleplay to a soft-R rating, which means no ultra-violence (dismemberment, beheadings, etc), full nudity (sexy clothing is okay), X-rated sexual acts, or promotion of sex acts. Can you cuss? Like a sailor, yes, just stay away from explicit sexual description and creepy stuff like “Guess where my hand is?” What you do in your skybox (away from us), behind your own closed doors or in your own private messages is your thing. We shouldn’t have to make a sign for every possible act of stupidity.
  • No projectile or scripted weapons. No vehicles. NO CHILD AVATARS. Yeah, we know, you kids get picked on all over the place and it’s not fair. But we pay the tier (and it ain’t cheap at $300 a month) so we get to decide who we’ll allow on the land that we pay for, okay? Age up to a 16+ teen and we might let you in as one of those pesky Scarpers.
  • Don’t be a fuckwad to your fellow roleplayers. I shouldn’t have to say this, but – weirdly – I’ve met a lot of fuckwads in my time in SL. Don’t be That Guy (or Girl).
  • HASRA is an LGBTQA (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Asexual) friendly location. We welcome all orientations. The roleplay is set in a far future where no one at all is interested in policing legal, adult, consensual sexual orientation. You simply don’t care. If you can’t manage that attitude, find another place to play, please. And please don’t tell us what trans/bi/homophobic/etc behaviour looks like. The mods of the location are queer. We know what it looks like, okay?

And that’s it. If you think that’s a lot of rules then give yourself a little slap and go visit some of the other big roleplay locations in SL. Come back to us when you’ve read their multiple notecards on what each race can and can’t do, where they can and can’t go, etc etc.

Want in?

Read the website (All of it. Yeah, we mean that. It’ll help, honest!)

Join the Flickr group (It’s moderated; we don’t want all of you auto-adders chucking your LotD pics set in other sims in it, mmkay?)

We’re also on Tumblr

Your mods are Daros Jewell and Skell Dagger, and yeah we’ll be right in there roleplaying with you. (Don’t be intimidated. We only bite assholes. Uh, so to speak.) Any problems? If we’re online send us an IM or notecard. If we’re offline, use the contact form. (If you want to play a teen Scarper, you MUST contact us, regardless.)

Come and play, bitches ;-)