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Menswear Fashion Week 2016 – My Standout Store

Brace yourselves, my sartorial darlings. Skell is wearing COLOUR O.o

There’s usually one standout store for me at Menswear Fashion Week each year, and – unusually – this year it was a store whose items were mainly very  colourful. (And, if you’re new to this blog, let me just say that Skell’s usual colour scheme is “anything, as long as it’s black”. We don’t do  colour over here, as a rule.)

The standout store was Bakaboo, purely for its amazing texturing and the use of techniques similar to cel shading. I really loved the way this collection came together. It was an instant “Wow, I want all of that” when I walked in the store.

First up, the fabulously-named Ferosh Coats. I’m showing two here, but there was a third which is close to an optical illusion with its monochrome patterning. It looks amazing inworld, but doesn’t translate too well to the smaller images that I use for this blog, so I stuck to the two colourful ones.

First up, Ferosh Coat B, which is the more muted of the two:

Yep. That’s muted. Hehe. And, secondly, Ferosh Coat A, which I prefer for its gorgeous darker colour scheme:

(Now picture the two sweaters beneath those, mashed together into a third coat and you’ll see why I said that Coat C was like an optical illusion. In fact, here it is on Marketplace.)

Next up, believe it or not, I managed to get Skell into something flowery. This is the Baka Vest (floral). This is one of the outfits that feature that unusual cel shading texture technique. And yes, I did buy the floral pants that went with the vest, but Skell may need a bit of time to work up to wearing them both together ;-)

That’s a bit of a sulky look there, Mr Dagger. Stiff upper lip, now, ‘kay? You can slip back into your leathers when we’re done.

And, finally, the Summer Coat (Yakuza), which – again – features the cel shading:

As to the remainder of the outfit, although not much of it is visible, since I’m focusing on the tops, Skell’s wearing the Shoe Cut Jeans Homme by Kitt Ragu for ::K:: at this month’s Mens Dept collection. I’ll be putting together a Mens Dept post in the next week or so, but since Menswear Fashion Week only lasts for (well, rather obviously) a week, I’m cramming those posts in first.

The skin (“holy cheekbones, Batman!”) is Vince  by Birth Skins, the hair is by Dura (Boy*65), and the eyes are by IKON (Hope Eyes). Poses by Agapee.

Menswear Fashion Week runs until June 19th. Further info: Siren Productions SL


Bakaboo – Ferosh Coat (B)
Bakaboo – Baka Summer Coat (Yakuza)
Bakaboo – Baka Vest (Florals)
Bakaboo – Ferosh Coat (A)

Jeans: K by Kitt Ragu – Shoe Cut Jeans Homme (black)
Hair: Dura – Boy*65 (black)
Skin: Birth – Vince (straw : darkness)
Eyes: IKON – Hope Eyes (storm)
Poses: Agapee

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