Welcome to GB City, please drive carefully

I’ve been working on it for almost two weeks now, and it’s finally ready. GB City is the new home for the Gentlemen Bastards group of builders (me, Daros, and our dear friend Rannon). We were running out of room in our old stores, so I decided to build a new store, and it just got… bigger.

Here’s your landmark to the new landing area: GB City Landing Area

Click the blue ‘info’ prim for a notecard all about the build, containing LMs to the various stores, then head out of the door into the city itself.

I built it to be as much of a photo opportunity (and roleplay, if that’s your thing) place as it is a series of stores, and to that end there are lots of hidden areas and little treats for you to find.

Hunt down the trailer park (no furniture inside the trailers as yet, because I still have to take down the old stores, which should free up hundreds more prims for me to furnish them), and keep an eye skinned for various sitting areas, like benches, bins, and construction site leftovers.

Check out the ATM, and the cigarette and condom machines while you’re at it. Oh, and please don’t mind the drunks; the cops are dealing with those ;-)

You’ll find our guestbook in the landing area, together with the lucky boards, midnight mania, gatchas, etc. Please do let us know what you think!

To get into/out of the stores, simply walk through the doors. No clicking required. I wanted to make it as simple as possible. The only door you’ll need to click is that of the candy store, if someone else has closed it.

Skell takes a breather to contemplate his handiwork.

Goddamn machine! Bet that little bastard down there broke it last night. *rattles handle* Gimme my ciggies or my money back!