Domicile: Steam Caisson

Newly-released in the Domicile store today is the 20m x 40m, 26-prim Steam Caisson.

Coming in at three storeys, and lushly-textured in warm wood, leather, and slightly-battered metal, it’s an ideal abode for the steampunkers among you.

The main deck features a large room with two steam-powered sliding doors that sink into the floor and rise up again. On the other side of these doors are two smaller semi-circular rooms:

The lower deck is a smaller area, ideally suited for a bedroom:

The upper deck runs the full length of the building, and has a viewing area at either end:

Customised transportational devices (teleporters to thee and me) are included on each deck. No need to fiddle with these; they should work automatically out of the box:

The whole thing is packaged in a simple-to-use Rez Faux box, and can be found on both the New Items wall and in the Steampunk section of the Domicile store. Alternatively, you can buy it on Marketplace.

Please note: All of the Gentlemen Bastards stores have moved to a new location (in the same sim as before). Please update your landmarks!