Domicile: Oktagonon

Two huge releases in one weekend? Yeah, I don’t know what happened to my poor brain either, but I like it ;-)

Just out in the Domicile store, the 34m x 42m, 27-prim Oktagonon Skybox. Yep, you read that prim count right. It’s big, it’s detailed, it’s smothered in gorgeous grungy textures, and it’s still only 27 frackin’ prims. Inside, you’ll find two main rooms and four corner rooms:

The pool features animated water and local lighting:

… and, for those of you that can run the Advanced Lighting Model (aka: shadows) there’s a nice projected lighting effect above the pool:

There are two large, extruded windows at opposite ends of the build. They’re one-way, and big enough to rez some comfy cushions, or even a day bed inside:

Outside view:

Find it on the New Items wall in the Domicile store. Alternatively, you can purchase it on Marketplace.