Et tu, Brute?

Little did Berry Singh know what she started with this Flat Rodvik meme. “Keep it PG,” she said. HA! You don’t know how hard that was ;-)

Well, our esteemed leader is in Roman senatorial garb, which left me but one option. Beware the Ides, Rodvik. Beware the Ides!

Brutus lures the senator into the baths, with a flash of his butt-revealing (holy shit, is it ever butt-revealing!) toga. And then… he strikes!

Having caught and done away with the Tyrant of SL… uh… of Rome, Brutus stands and contemplates his victory in the morning sunlight:

Thank the Gods for Brutus and his perky butt, for saving SL… oh fuck it, ROME from Senator Linden’s tyrannical reign!

You SO want to buy this toga now, dontcha? ;-)

Our Esteemed Leader: Flat Rodvik Linden [ strawberry.singh ]
Marketplace-only [ purchase here – read the reviews of this small miracle, and leave one of your own! ]

Toga & Laurel: Tamiron Forge – Dynamus [ tamiron.landar ]

Sandals: Imperial Builds – Calcei Nestorius [ alekso.minotaur ]
(Search Marktplace for creator Pompeo Giordano)

Dagger: Nubian Angel – Caile Dagger (no longer available)

Hair: Exile – Dane (mink) (no longer available)

Skin: Belleza – Jacob Tan (Best Buys) [ tricky.boucher ]

Eyes: IKON – Ascension Eyes (leonine) [ ikon.innovia ]

Eyeliner: Vanity Flair – Bastet Eyeliner [ lera.keng ]

Location: The Curious Prim, Mythopoeia

Here, have the best goddamn soundtrack ever. ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?

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