New steampunky goodness at Domicile!


Holy crap, I actually made something! Yeah, I know. It’s been a while :p

I’ve put three new original mesh creations (crafted by my own fair hand!) out in Domicile, and they’re probably going to appeal to you steampunkers out there.

The Isambard Ceiling Lamp – 1LI (Marketplace link)

The Isambard Wall Lamp – 1LI (Marketplace link)

And the Isambard Table Lamps. These come in two versions: with steam (2LI) and without steam (1LI). In both of these the lamp bulb slowly rotates. (Marketplace link)

They’ll be rezzed out inworld for you to take a look at for a while, so come visit Domicile :-)

Look, Ma! I made mesh!

I’ve been trying out a recent purchase, and oh my god it is fucking awesome.

It’s Mesh Studio, and it’s an inworld mesh-creation tool. I’ll leave you to check out that Marketplace link and, when your eyes have stopped watering at the price, I’ll show you why it’s worth every Linden buck.

That giant chest that I’m sitting on is one single prim of land impact. And yet, when I originally made it, it was 11 prims. What Mesh Studio allows creators to do is make something in prims, do some texture-editing (more on that shortly), chuck in a single script, set the LoD (Level of Detail) they want, click the object, and instantly download a .dae file that they can re-upload to SL, with all faces and texture repeats etc set, ready for re-texturing.

Here’s my original Large Golden Chest (no, not a pair of suntanned Lolas…) Note the land impact of 11.

Unfortunately, the only thing that doesn’t seem to work well with Mesh Studio is planar texturing. The golden edges of those panels, as well as the beveled edge of the top are planar textured and, on re-uploading and re-texturing, two sides of each came out perfectly, the other two were screwed, and I couldn’t figure out a way to get them textured properly. So, in the end I changed the texture to a simpler wood one.

Here is my final, re-textured, re-uploaded one-prim  chest:

Okay, so then I had to start trying this out on more complex objects! This is an old set from my Verne  Gentleman’s Study series: a leather blotter with a pen and old letter.

The original weighs in at a five-prim land impact (Mesh Studio calculates it at ten, as that’s how many prims are in it; I used convex hull to halve that):

The hovertext you can see in the screenshots is generated by the Mesh Studio script, which is in the item. And here’s the one-prim mesh version as it’s just been uploaded. As you can see, the initial upload is all-white, so I’ve enabled shadows so you can see a bit more detail:

And here it is, re-textured:

Five prims, down to one!

The procedure is very, very simple.

  1. Make your item and texture it. Get all the texture repeats etc exactly as you need them. No sculpties; it has to be all legacy prims, but you can cut, hollow, etc as much as you like. This really does bring us full-circle to the days before we had sculpts and people got creative with the only prims we had. Some incredibly-complex things were made back then, and you would never guess – if you saw them today – that they weren’t mesh, until you inspected them.
  2. Link the item together, then set all faces to 100% transparency. That’s right; everything’s now invisible.
  3. Use the CTRL+ALT+T (or Mac equivalent) command to view transparent prims, and select all the visible  textures (that is, everything that will show) and set those back to full opacity. If you’ve made, for example, a simple table out of a tall cylinder with a large flat cylinder on top of it, then the bottom and top faces of the tall cylinder aren’t even going to be seen, so you don’t want to waste mesh vertices on them.
  4. Once you’re done (cam around the object and double-check that you’ve not missed any visible textures) put the Object-2-joined-mesh script into it.
  5. For the next bit (sorting out your LoDs and making a physics shape for things such as furniture and buildings) I suggest checking out the official Mesh Studio website, which has a lot of great tutorials and is easy to follow. I just went for the default LoD on both, and made a very simple physics shape for the chest.
  6. When that’s done, click the object and select ‘Mesh!’ from the menu. Wait a few seconds, then you’ll be given a link in chat (it’s an object IM, so only you can see it). Click it, and a new browser tab or window will open, and you’ll have the download to a .zip file waiting for you. Save it on your computer, unzip it, then go right back to SL.
  7. Go to upload a Mesh Model (you can only do this if you’ve completed the Linden Lab IP Tutorial; find it here, or look under your account on the SL website for Mesh Upload Status). Browse for your .dae file, give it a name, set what the model represents (building, static object, etc), use the physics tab to add a physics shape if you have one, then click Calculate Weights and Fee.
  8. It’s a good idea to perform your initial uploads on the Beta Grid, if you have access to it, as they won’t cost you anything and you can perfect each item before uploading to the Main Grid. You can always use an alt for this, so your main avatar can stay on the Main Grid and tweak the original object for re-downloading until you’ve perfected the upload on the Beta Grid.
  9. Once the model is in your inventory, rez it and re-apply the textures. Voila!

Best thing I’ve bought in years.


Children of the Revolution

It’s Steam Hunt time, my sartorial darlings! And that means it’s time for Skell to put together a 2014 variation on his steampunk look, so here it is (together with info about my Steam Hunt prize, and other new steamy goodness in the store).

UPDATE: It’s March 1st and the hunt has begun! Here’s a full SLurl list of all participating stores, from the official hunt blog.

This year’s look is a mesh-n-clothing mishmash. (Try saying that five times, fast, after a few bevvies…). I’ve done some nice arty shots (*snort*) to begin with, but fear not; you can get a better look at the outfit toward the end of the post, when I post the images without all the arty-farty stuff.

Keep an eye on the background. It’s a new build I’ve put out in the store, and I’ll show you that in full later on, too.

Jacket from Grasp, pants from [email protected], boots from Hoorenbeek, hat and monocle from Yasum. Collar from Pure Poison, ring from KOSH, hair from Dura and eyes from IKON.

Enough of the arty stuff. Have the same shots, in full and gorgeous lush colour!

The background is my new skybox, called The Parlour. It’s just 10m x 10m and has a 9LI. I’ve included a small curved landing point, so it’ll make a cosy little home or store, or just use it as a photo booth.

Find it at Domicile, on the Steampunk wall.

The STEAM IX Hunt begins at midnight tonight, and I’m at #55 with a very special prize: a fully-furnished Victorian skybox. Coming in at 20m x 20m and 118 prims, it contains lots of furniture and accessories for the well-to-do gentleman and his lady.

Click for full-sized image

I’ve also put out my usual Steam Hunt Special. This is a limited-edition build that’s only on sale for the duration of the hunt each year, and then it’s withdrawn. It’s usually out for a stupidly-cheap price, too ;-)

This year’s Steam Hunt Special comprises two skyboxes. These are variants of our office at GB City: a single-storey and a two-storey version (including self-configuring customised teleporters). Just L$25 for the pair of ’em:

Click for full-sized image

I’ve also refilled the Lucky Boards with a full set of Rajpunk furniture, plus the Steampunk Retreat skybox. And in the Midnight Mania is the Steam Caisson:

The hunt prize is already out in the store (SLurl here) and the Luckies and MM boards can be found here (Slurl).

Outfit credits

Jacket: Grasp – Studded Pea Coat (brown) [ asalt.eames ]

Pants: [email protected] – Fangbanger Velvet Pants (brown) [ ivey.deschanel ]

Boots: Hoorenbeek – Mullingar Boots (brown) [ ansor.hoorenbeek ]

Hat: Yasum – Mesh Steampunk Hat [ azlyn.vaher ]

Monocle: Yasum – Mesh Steampunk Monocle [ azlyn.vaher ]

Hair: Dura – Boy*30 (dark brown) [ chiaki.xue ]
Note: This was heavily-edited to fit under the hat

Necklace: Pure Poison – Kayra Necklace (old gold) [ shaleene.kenin ]

Ring: KOSH – Adain Ring (brass) [ lynaja.bade ]

Hands: Slink – AvEnhance Male Hands (relax) [ siddean.munro ]

Nail appliers: A:S:S – Autumn [ photos.nikolaidis ]

Skin: Fruk – Bennett (Thanatos series: black/blue) [ chucky.hollak ]

Eyeshadow: 22769 – Visage Guyliner [ mondra.kira ]

Lipstick: Glamorize – Naturals lips for men (08) [ yoko.leeeroy ]

Poses: The Muse Poses [ audrey.cresci ]

Backdrop: Domicile – The Parlour [ skell.dagger ]

Quoth the Raven, “Nevermore.”

It’s coming up to our favourite time of year again, and – as always – we have a freebie for you!

The Corvus Skybox is partial mesh (the chandelier and windows are mesh and are linked to the rest of the skybox, which is conventional prims) and comes in at 20m x 20m and just an 18-prim land impact. It looks great with Advanced Lighting enabled and some spooky Windlight settings:

Happy Hallowe’en, my little darklings ;-)

Pick it up here!

PLEASE NOTE: To allow gifting and redelivery (should you need to), the build is packaged in a vendor that will require you to pay it L$1. This will be refunded immediately, so the build still costs you nothing.


Domicile: Chew’s Warehouse

Out now at Domicile: Chew’s Warehouse – a 28m x 12m, 14-prim grunged warehouse with a simple click-to-open door and landing area. Ideal for a store, gallery, or just a roomy home, it won’t eat into your prim count and will rez as fast as heck ;-)

Listed as a skybox, it can just as easily work on the ground.

All objects in the building are modifiable, with the exception of the script in the door. This no-mod script has no effect on your ability to modify the door itself, or any other part of the build.

Your taxi to Domicile @ GB City, where a teleporter awaits to send you to a rezzed version (below; avatar shown for scale).

Or buy on Marketplace.

Domicile: Interessovat

Me dorogoy Droogs!

Behold, me starry domy: Interessovat. Its bolshy is 30m x 30m and it has 72 primlies. Spend a nochy oddy-knocky and skaz you’re not poogly. Domy, sladky domy, eh?

Translation: My dear friends! See this ancient house; it’s of interest. Its size is 30m x 30m and it’s a total of 72 prims. Spend a night alone here and tell me you’re not scared. Home, sweet home, eh?

Interessovat is a two-storey skybox with an outside surround. Outside, you’ll find a worn old city road and delapidated buildings. Inside, the decor is grungy and shabby. Two small side rooms downstairs, and a large room from which an old staircase rises up into two equally-large rooms. Note: all rooms are windowless.

Interessovat comes packed in a Rez Faux box in the following sections:

– Base & surround: 3 prims
– Building: 33 prims
– Road: 11 prims
– Road surround: 4 prims
– Door surrounds: 4 prims
– Fireplace: 17 prims

The Rez Faux box totals 2 prims, so you’ll need at least 74 prims to rez this skybox for the first time. Prim count can be lowered by (once rezzed) removing the road and road surround (if you remove the road, you MUST remove the road surround, as it’s fitted around the road itself). This will knock the prim count down to 57. Removing the fireplace will bring it down further to just 40.

I’ve set it out as the Rezzed Build of the Week, so head to the store, me chellovecks, and viddy me sladky domy!

Your clapped-out limo: Domicile

Alternatively: purchase on Marketplace

Domicile: Oktagonon

Two huge releases in one weekend? Yeah, I don’t know what happened to my poor brain either, but I like it ;-)

Just out in the Domicile store, the 34m x 42m, 27-prim Oktagonon Skybox. Yep, you read that prim count right. It’s big, it’s detailed, it’s smothered in gorgeous grungy textures, and it’s still only 27 frackin’ prims. Inside, you’ll find two main rooms and four corner rooms:

The pool features animated water and local lighting:

… and, for those of you that can run the Advanced Lighting Model (aka: shadows) there’s a nice projected lighting effect above the pool:

There are two large, extruded windows at opposite ends of the build. They’re one-way, and big enough to rez some comfy cushions, or even a day bed inside:

Outside view:

Find it on the New Items wall in the Domicile store. Alternatively, you can purchase it on Marketplace.

Domicile: Steam Caisson

Newly-released in the Domicile store today is the 20m x 40m, 26-prim Steam Caisson.

Coming in at three storeys, and lushly-textured in warm wood, leather, and slightly-battered metal, it’s an ideal abode for the steampunkers among you.

The main deck features a large room with two steam-powered sliding doors that sink into the floor and rise up again. On the other side of these doors are two smaller semi-circular rooms:

The lower deck is a smaller area, ideally suited for a bedroom:

The upper deck runs the full length of the building, and has a viewing area at either end:

Customised transportational devices (teleporters to thee and me) are included on each deck. No need to fiddle with these; they should work automatically out of the box:

The whole thing is packaged in a simple-to-use Rez Faux box, and can be found on both the New Items wall and in the Steampunk section of the Domicile store. Alternatively, you can buy it on Marketplace.

Please note: All of the Gentlemen Bastards stores have moved to a new location (in the same sim as before). Please update your landmarks!

Welcome to GB City, please drive carefully

I’ve been working on it for almost two weeks now, and it’s finally ready. GB City is the new home for the Gentlemen Bastards group of builders (me, Daros, and our dear friend Rannon). We were running out of room in our old stores, so I decided to build a new store, and it just got… bigger.

Here’s your landmark to the new landing area: GB City Landing Area

Click the blue ‘info’ prim for a notecard all about the build, containing LMs to the various stores, then head out of the door into the city itself.

I built it to be as much of a photo opportunity (and roleplay, if that’s your thing) place as it is a series of stores, and to that end there are lots of hidden areas and little treats for you to find.

Hunt down the trailer park (no furniture inside the trailers as yet, because I still have to take down the old stores, which should free up hundreds more prims for me to furnish them), and keep an eye skinned for various sitting areas, like benches, bins, and construction site leftovers.

Check out the ATM, and the cigarette and condom machines while you’re at it. Oh, and please don’t mind the drunks; the cops are dealing with those ;-)

You’ll find our guestbook in the landing area, together with the lucky boards, midnight mania, gatchas, etc. Please do let us know what you think!

To get into/out of the stores, simply walk through the doors. No clicking required. I wanted to make it as simple as possible. The only door you’ll need to click is that of the candy store, if someone else has closed it.

Skell takes a breather to contemplate his handiwork.

Goddamn machine! Bet that little bastard down there broke it last night. *rattles handle* Gimme my ciggies or my money back!