All I got was roses…

You’re like a knife ’cause your looks could kill.
Hold my breath every time we kiss.
Are you feeling it?
Like I, like I feel it.

This song has been my jam  for the past few days. A Nile Rodgers-infused slow funk that’s great to have on a low repeat in the background while you do other stuff, and—having seen the gorgeous red and purple cover art—I got just a teensy little bit inspired and wanted to recreate that colour aesthetic in SL.

And then Dreamcatcher came out with THIS at Men Only Monthly:

Yeah. That’s just ‘woah’. Initially I thought it was a full corset, because the small version of the ad image that I saw on Seraphim was quite dark and I didn’t notice the gap and blood drips. That would have been enough for me, in all honesty, because the corset just leapt  out at me and made a grab for my wallet amid all the usual blokey sweatpants and hoodies etc that have become the norm at menswear events. In short: I would have bought it anyway, but after trying the demo and puzzling for a moment over why the ‘mid’ part of the corset wasn’t rezzing, I tickled my Signature’s alpha hud a bit, and then it really was  a ‘woah!’ moment.

And then the quest was on to do the damn thing justice, so here’s a little insight into The Mind of Skell when his creativity goes into overdrive and his inventory starts to groan in anticipation (or—more likely—in dread).

I had my colour palette already in mind: red and purple. Any metalwork would need to stand out against that, and—since purple is commonly associated with royalty—gold was the obvious choice, since silver would get a bit lost amid those strong colours.

The Glam Witch Decor from Florix immediately sprang to mind for a backdrop. This is a fabulous set featuring all kinds of lush furniture and decor items. I used two colours of the neon crosses, which are actually on stands, but—I love when creators allow this!—they’re editable, so I set the texture on the stands to 100% transparency and I could then have the crosses as solo floating wall decorations. The rose petals are also from that set, and if you need anything else there’s curtains, candles, couches, and all sorts included. Can’t find it on Marketplace right now (I think I picked it up at an event) so possibly check the mainstore?

Since I’d decided on gold for the metalwork I remembered this Pask Halo from Boys to the Bone. BttB is one of those stores that’s at the nosebleed edge of fashion, and I can guarantee that I’ll find there at least one insanely, intriguingly good item to just finish off an outfit.

And then my inventory exploded.

Okay, well it was my fault that it exploded, but I knew I was going to have to dig deep to find any kind of clothing that would work perfectly for this, so it was time to start unpacking my old archives of clothing layers from Sn@tch. I knew I’d find something in there that I could use with Bakes on Mesh, and—since I have a lot  of old stuff from Sn@tch—my inventory screwed up its metaphorical eyeballs and muttered I hate you, Skell…

With Bakes on Mesh, my sartorial darlings, I feel as if my creative world has blown wide open again, but sadly not with new items. I’m lucky that Skell is such an old avatar he still has amazing stuff created back in the late 00’s and early ’10s. Looking back through all of these old Sn@tch items, I found myself getting a bit wistful and pondering about how homogenised  much of SL’s fashion has become in recent years. Sure, mesh is amazing, and there’s some incredible stuff out there. But menswear has mostly gone down the pan, with a small handful of notable exceptions, and—due to specific body rigs—there’s precious little from the ladies’ department that I can wear without either breaking out Syd, or breaking out in hives when the gorgeous hairstyle that I adore and want to use only comes with big, built-in boob-bumps.

Bakes on Mesh means I can pick out some of that older stuff that still looks good, and get creative again. Putting this look together last night felt wonderfully good, as opposed to the effort that it can sometimes be to get multiple mesh items to work together well. (Want to wear those gorgeous, butt-enhancing mesh jeans, boys? Better go barefoot, then, because they won’t work with 99% of your footwear, etc.)

Anyhow. Back to the look before I start to sound too whiny. I really did dig deep for this one, finding this amazing old necklace set from Remarkable Oblivion (another standout store that I haven’t seen around for a while. They’re still extant on the grid, but I never see them at events. Time to revisit their mainstore, methinks). Not only was there a gold option that came with additional red sections, but it also had a large wooden cross, which matched the glam, semi-sacrilegiosity thing I had going on.

Hair? By .Shi, of course. Who else has sharp-cut styles that work for more out-there looks? Makeup is part old system and part new BOM. The face tattoo is from The Plastik’s old ‘Soul Ink’ set that I used so many times in the past. They’re tintable and will work with so many looks. I really need to check out the store again, to pick up some more. (They might even be in a discount section by now; who knows? That’s the beauty of Bakes on Mesh!) And the ‘new’ was picked up from this weekend’s Saturday Sale: a BOM set of eyeshadows from Adored. The finishing touches were these gorgeous lashes from Elemental and eyes from Avi-Glam. The skin is from The Plastik’s beautiful ‘Atharne’ set (one of the few skin sets I ever fatpacked, and it contains multiple appliers and—glory be!—system layers).


Corset: Dreamcatcher – Blood Roses (Gianni, Legacy)
Eyeshadow: Adored – Vibe Shadows (Electric Avenue – BOM)
Tattoo: The Plastik – Soul Ink Reloaded (Opeh)
Halo: Boys to the Bone – Pask Halo (Gold v2)
Top: Sn@tch – Sabrina Brocade Shrug (old system item)
Pants: Sn@tch – Eden Velvet Pants (old system item)
Hair: .Shi – Mod (Reds)
Skin: The Plastik – Atharne (Shizuko – multiple appliers & system)
Piercings: Catwa – Bento Rigged Piercings
Earrings: Artificial Hallucination – Loke Rigged Ear Piercings (Catwa)
Necklace: Remarkable Oblivion – Lilliam Batwing Necklace (Gold)
Eyes: Avi-Glam – Sinister Eyes* (Beast – Catwa, Omega, mesh)
Lashes: Elemental – Treasure Lashes (Catwa)
Decor: Florix – Glam Witch Decor Set
Head: Catwa – Skell* (Bento)

*review copy

Gabardine Roses

Gabardine Roses. Tortured vines. The sun has been hiding all this time.

Hotdog has done it again, my sartorial darlings. They have two new releases out at events this month, and both are exquisite. The first—and more traditionally masculine—release is the Respectable Suit, at The Men’s Dept. Containing one male and one female fit (no body-specific rigs; these suits are skinny, so don’t expect them to showcase those Gianni muscles!) they come in multiple packs, with both plain and striped options. (As per usual, I fatpacked both outfits, which allows me to mix and match).

This deserved full-on Byronic-Gothic black, of course, and a Windlight mood to match it. Both of these looks feature the SK3L3T0 Prosthetic Arms and the Bismuth Cane, by ContraptioN. There is an additional AO for the cane, also from ContraptioN—somewhat pricey at L$2000, but worth it—from which all the poses in this post ensue.

The underlying look is BOM, making use of some of the ancient system skin and makeup layers that I’ve been dredging from the sludgy depths of my inventory lately. Skin by Tableau Vivant, makeup by Pin Me Down, lipstick by M.O.C.K, and additional new BOM veins from Izzie’s. And—with the use of an eye alpha—I can still wear these applier eyes from Madame Noir.

Credits for the above look

Suit: Hotdog: Respectable Suit (one male & one female size)
Cane: ContraptioN – Bismuth Cane
Hands: ContraptioN – SK3L3T0 Series Prosthetic Arm (Gianni, Geralt, Jake, Maitreya, Slink M&F&HG, Freya)
Hair: Truth – Shadow
Eyes: Madame Noir – Ghost Eyes (Catwa, Lelutka, mesh)
Makeup: Pin Me Down – Bane**
Lipstick: M.O.C.K – Zomg It’s Gothic Dark Shadow Lip Gloss**
Veins: Izzie’s – Dark Veins (Catwa, Lelutka, Genus. LAQ, BOM)
Skin: Tableau Vivant – Hybrid**
Head: Catwa – Skell* (Bento)

*review copy
**old system layer, no longer available

The second look is what had me shrieking with delight. This, my sartorial darlings, is the Respectable Dress, by Hotdog for Anthem event. Again, it’s unisex, with one male and one female fit. And oh dear lord, do I love it. Together with the look above, I’m getting hints of a new persona for Skell (alongside the Rocker and the Gentleman Bastard) so I’m going to mull this one over a bit.

As before, it comes in a range of tonal packs, as well as a fatpack. For this look I went BOM again, with another old skin from Tableau Vivant, system eyes from Booty’s Beauty, and new BOM layer makeup from Zibska.

Dapper topper from ContraptioN, and hair from Truth. This gentleman may be in a dress, but doubtless there’s a sharp blade in the ferrule of that cane, so don’t get too close ;-)

Credits for the above look

Dress: Hotdog – His Respectable Dress (one male & one female size)
Makeup: Zibska – Ungarrat Makeup* (BOM)
Hat: ContraptioN – Death’s Mourn Top Hat
Cane: ContraptioN – Bismuth Cane
Hands: ContraptioN – SK3L3T0 Series Prosthetic Arm (Gianni, Geralt, Jake, Maitreya, Slink M&F&HG, Freya)
Hair: Truth – Eternity
Eyes: Booty’s Beauty – Soulless Eyes (Catwa, Omega)
Poses: from ContraptioN – Bento AO Gentleman’s Cane System
Skin: Tableau Vivant – Tox Skin**
Brows: Identity Body Shop – Thick Eyebrows (Catwa, Omega, system)
Head: Catwa – Skell* (Bento)

*review copy
**old system layer, no longer available

Here’s my key: philosophy

A freak like me just needs infinity.

Yeah yeah, I’m late as hell on this one, since the Men Jail event closes on Jan 28th, but keep an eye on Rekt’s Marketplace store and hopefully this fantastic vest will make an appearance there if you miss it at TMJ. I’ve been so busy that I only picked it up myself yesterday, which is why I’m so bloody late posting! But damn, am I completely in love with this look. so I figured that—as well as splurging it all over Flickr—I’d chuck it here, too. For full-sized images, just click through, since I’m linking directly from Flickr for this post.

Here's my key: philosophy (01)

I do have to let you know upfront, though, that the incredible hair featured in this look is no longer available. It was a hunt prize from Exile, for Madpea’s Peatonville Asylum Game (and, for the sake of transparency, I was blogging for Exile at the time, so this was a review copy). The hair is animated with amazing flames (video here) and how I wish that Kavar Cleanslate would put it out for sale now the hunt has been over for five years, because it’s amazing.

So let’s take a gander at this whole (somewhat deliciously bonkers) look:

Here's my key: philosophy (02)

Yes, my sartorial darlings, when you look at the credits list you will see those pants listed as ‘gym leggings (latex)’. Quite apart from cringing at the (horribly sweaty) thought of wearing latex  to the gym, this is the only way you’ll get Skell into anything approaching sportswear or workout gear (although he does own one really great pair of… [deep breath] sweatpants but they’re more the fashion kind, rather than the sporty kind, because… well… *shudders*).

The eye makeup is a layered combination from Zibska (the gold eyeshadow) with some amazing running mascara and thick winged liner from La Malvada Mujer (which also includes materials). The gorgeous ears are ones I picked up last November from Pumec. Fantastic customisation HUD, with multiple colour options for skin and piercings, as well as tattoos and ear-tip tints. I may be a convert to these ones, even if they are  pixie ears…

The necklace from (A)MAZE was discovered when I nabbed this week’s Wanderlust Weekend item from them. It (and its silver sister) sat right by the WW item, and I couldn’t resist them.

Here's my key: philosophy (03)

Tattoo from This is Wrong (it’s an old one, but I still adore it) and oiled leather winklepicker boots from Hotdog (where else would offer toes like that? Love ’em). Holographic lipstick (blended to a soft fade) by Izzie’s and my trusty ‘Holy Cheekbones, Batman!’ skin (okay okay, it’s actually called ‘Toni’) by L’Etre. (Pleasepleaseplease, David Cooper, release a BOM version of that for me!)

Here's my key: philosophy (04)


Vest: Rekt – Fantasy vest w/Neck (Gianni, Jake, Legacy)
Pants: 4bidden – Gym Leggings (latex – Gianni, Jake, Legacy, Aes)
Collar: (A)MAZE – Scales Collar (gold)
Shoes: Hotdog – WinklePickers (oil leather – Gianni, Jake, Freya, Maitreya, Slink M&F)
Ears: Pumec – Mesh Ears (forest pixie)
Hair: Exile – Twisted Firestarter* (no longer available)
Colour makeup: Zibska – Weit Makeup* (Lelutka, Omega, BOM)
Black makeup: La Malvada Mujer – Bruschetta in the Eye (Catwa, Omega, BOM)
Lipstick: Izzie’s – Holo Metallic Lipstick (Catwa, Lelutka, BOM)
Eyes: Avi-Glam – Fresh Eyes* (Catwa – from April 2019 Powder Pack)
Tattoo: This is Wrong – Lotus Tattoo (male pack: Adam, Jake, Gianni, Slink, TMP)
Skin: L’Etre – Toni (buttermilk – Catwa)
Head: Catwa – Skell* (Bento)
Body: Signature – Gianni

*review copy


Blessed Samhain and Happy Hallowe’en, my sartorial darlings.

I’ve had this year’s look put together for weeks now, so you may have already seen it make an appearance in my Flickr sidebar. (Hallowe’en starts on October 1st for Skell, so that’s something of a given anyway.)

Thanks to Second Life’s amazing creators I was able to creep even myself out this year. Credits will come at the end of the post, which—for once, and unusually for me—won’t be too wordy.

Before I get to the accessories, I have to put in a word about the dress. Rigged for Belleza Jake only, it’s by Boys to the Bone, and is a group gift at the store. While Skell has worn drag before, I’m very picky about what kind of drag I put him into (mainly nothing too femme, and definitely no boobs!) This Morticia Dress was a no-brainer. Flat-chested, with a deep neckline and a hint at… shall we say ‘masculinity’ at the crotch, it’s about as far from girly as it’s possible to go while wearing a frock.

There’s a lot of accessorising in this look, so check the credits at the end of the post for everything. For now, I’m just going to focus on one other store: ContraptioN.

Skell’s faithful companion (animated, and with a hilarious ‘head-smack’ option, should you choose to activate it, as well as a ‘tending’ animation that has it grooming your hair) is what scares the crap out of me every time I log in while wearing this outfit, mainly because my camera is behind it, and it’s the first thing to rez… RIGHT IN MY FACE. Which means it’s doing its job ;-)

The mask, too, is by ContraptioN, and it’s what sparked this entire look. In fact, this is one of those rare outfits that came together sweetly and easily. When I wanted something on Skell’s hands I remembered the gloves by NOCHE that I’d recently picked up. And the glittery nails by Artificial Hallucination fitted perfectly over the gloves. Crown by Azoury, tons of old piercings by Cerberus Xing, a cloak by Cureless RedLabel, and the final accessory of a thurible (again, by ContraptioN) and the look is complete.

Oh, and Silas.

“Hello, little fella. Want a lift?”

Silas was one of three posed spider deco items available from NOMAD during Fifty Linden Friday a few weeks back, and I couldn’t resist him, because I knew he’d be perfect for this look.

“There you go. Comfy?”

I’m not sure that Companion enjoys sharing their ride, though…

He looks sensitive, master. It’s such a shame that so many mortals are terrified of spiders…

Oh for the love of…

“Silas, would you stop being such a bloody drama queen?!”


Dress: Boys to the Bone – Morticia Dress (group gift – Jake only)
Head: ContraptioN – The Faceless (M&F, includes BOM blend layers)
Crown: Azoury – Coup de Sort
Hair: Sintiklia – Shay (fitted male – monochromes)
Gloves: NOCHE – Bill Essential Gloves (Gianni, Jake, Legacy M)
Nails: Artificial Hallucination – Crystal Nails (Jake, Slink M&F, Maitreya)
Cloak: Cureless RedLabel – Donatien Manteau (M&F sizes)
Lower face chains: Cerberus Xing – Deepforge Chains (gold)
Upper face chains: Cerberus Xing – Chained Deceit (gold)
Necklace: Maxi Gossamer – Sister Catrina Muertos Necklace
Brows: Glam Affair – Deco Eyebrows Black (no longer available)
Accessory: ContraptioN – Ritualist’s Thurible
Companion: ContraptioN – Ride of Delusion
Tattoo: Wild Roots – Wild Roots Tattoo (multiple appliers, system tattoos)
Skin: Tableau Vivant – Vincent (platinum – old system skin)
Backdrop: Paparazzi – Gothic Castle Backdrop
Spider: NOMAD – Spidey

Just smile

Smile though your heart is aching.
Smile even though it’s breaking.
When there are clouds in the sky, you’ll get by.

Just a short one today, my sartorial darlings. I’ve long admired Joaquin Phoenix’s body of cinematic work, but his portrayal of the Joker is blowing minds around the globe. And Gac Akina of Stray Dog has paid homage to his stunning performance with an incredible skin applier for Catwa heads that is out at the current round of The Mens Dept.

It features several applier options: Phoenix’s own face as Arthur Fleck (a truly astonishing piece of work when you wear the included shape—which works best on Catwa’s ‘Daniel’ head). But, of course, it’s the makeup that makes the Joker, and you also get two versions of that when you buy the skin: makeup with blood, and makeup without blood.

So it was the ‘makeup without’ version that I opted for in my own homage to one of the promotional images from the movie.

Smile, what’s the use of crying?
You’ll find that life is still worthwhile.
If you just smile.


Skin: Stray Dog – Joaquin (Catwa)
Suit: V8 & BRII – Joker Complete Outfit (Gianni, Slink, Jake, Adam, TMP, Aes)
Hair: Tram – G0220 Hair (HUD A – tinted)
Eyes: Avi-Glam – Vivid Eyes* (pearl – Catwa, Lelutka, Omega)
Head: Catwa – Daniel* (Bento)

*review copy

Nothing but the fire

Age, my sartorial darlings. It creeps up on all of us, slowly but surely. For most of the twelve years that I’ve been a resident of Second Life, Skell has resided permanently in his mid 20s (26 being the age that he seemed stuck in, inside my head).

As I’ve noticed the fine lines and the grey creeping into my real life bathroom mirror reflection I guess I’ve become a bit more relaxed about letting Skell grow older in SL. Well, temporarily at least. And it’s possible to age gracefully in SL, with none of the accompanying crap that tends to go with it IRL. Creaky knees? (Well, okay, thanks to a youthful injury my knees have been creaky IRL for decades, but eh.) Aches and pains? Well…

OK, hang on a second. I’m not that old, damn it. And this is far too maudlin an intro to a post wherein Skell simply looks… distinguished.

There was no way on earth that I was missing the new Engine Room event, organised as it is by one of my favourite creators in SL: Walton F. Wainwright (faust.steamer) of [ContraptioN]. The build itself is worth a visit alone, but I went there primarily to empty Skell’s wallet on eight or so items that really caught my eye (plus several gachas, god help me). Prime of those were two more offerings from one of my other favourite creators in SL: HaydenAragon of Hotdog.

Since Hotdog first appeared on my radar at The Mens Department last August, I have been a faithful customer. Amid the depressing miasma of sweatpants, sweatshirts, sweatshorts, hoodies, tank tops, and sportswear that so many of the major menswear events are swamped with, both Hotdog and [ContraptioN] are breaths of fresh (well, maybe slightly ferric-tinged and a bit fusty) air.

Knickerbocker glory, and nary a cherry in sight

The Spencer Jumper comes with rigs for Gianni, Jake, Maitreya, Slink M&F, and Venus. Three options are at the event: plain (shown here), striped, and tartan. And, of course, the fatpack of all three (which is what I invariably end up buying). On each HUD there are 10 colours each for sweater and tie, and eleven for the shirt.

The Knickerbockers come with the same rigs and plain, striped, and tartan options. They come with socks and shoes included, so no need to try and find something that works with them. The HUDs – generous as ever – contain 10 colours for the knickerbockers, 11 colours each for the shoes and socks, two colors for buttons, and two for shoe laces.

“.. yet his leg excels all men’s ” – Shakespeare, via Juliet’s nurse, knew the value of a well-turned calf to Elizabethan sensibilities

Regular readers will know that I don’t smoke IRL, but Skell is a smoker. Avatar personality and quirks are things that one of these days I’ll get around to pulling my thoughts together for a blog post, but for now it should suffice to know that he’s happy to puff away on a cigarette, a cigar, and—on this rare occasion—a pipe. And this one is a classic beauty from KOPFKINO. It comes with several variants (both male and female) including Bento animated, static (for poses) and one to be held in the mouth. KOPFKINO also have a set of (male only; sorry ladies!) Bento smoking poses that can be used with the static version, which I’ve used in the header image and the one above.

My Grandad would have loved (and worn) this, and by extension I love it, too

I started this post by rambling on about age, so I’ll close with it too. I’ve relied on these fantastic wrinkle appliers by Izzie’s on several occasions in the past. With multiple options in the HUD (I’m wearing the full ‘all wrinkles’ set here) and versions for light and dark skintones, you can add years to any skin. Here I’ve got them laid over a beautiful smooth skin by L’Etre.

Lastly, there’s no beating Mister Razzor when it comes to salt-and-pepper facial hair. This Luigi set does also come with both black and tintable versions (Catwa and Omega) but it’s the ‘grey-headed’ version that I love here. And the salt-and-pepper tone from Exile’s greyscale HUD for the hair reflects a bit more what I see in that real life mirror these days.

The Engine Room event runs until October 20th. Seraphim gallery here.


Shirt & vest: Hotdog – Spencer Jumper (plain: Gianni, Jake, Slink M&F, Venus, Lara)
Pipe: KOPFKINO – Smoking Pipe
Hair: Exile – Relentless* (greyscale)
Wrinkles: Izzie’s – Face Wrinkles (Catwa, Lelutka, Logo)
Facial hair: Mister Razzor – Luigi (grey-headed: Catwa, Omega)
Eye appliers: Avi-Glam – Elysian (fjord: Omega, mesh, system)
Skin: L’Etre – Toni (buttermilk: Catwa)
Pose: KOPFKINO – Smoking Pipe Bento Poses (male)
Head: Catwa – Skell* (Bento)

*review copy

Livia ain’t just for girls, and that’s the Truth

Take a look at this hair, my sartorial darlings.

Is that not as delicious as sin?  My god, when I saw it at Uber I had to try it, but when I put it on I had to have it. It’s the new (yes, yes) female ‘Livia’ hair from Truth, but it looks fucking gorgeous on guys, and what’s more: it fits almost perfectly at the back, too (unlike many other female hairstyles). There’s a teeny bit of poke-in between the shoulders, but the rest of the hair is long, tousled, and voluminous enough to disguise that.

Add to this the fact that—as with all Truth hair—you get a multi-style HUD alongside the great colour HUD, and you’re onto a winner. With the style HUD you have options for which side of your hair is over your shoulders (or not) plus multiple options for those “you sexy muthafucka” bangs that drape so beautifully over your eyes.

I swear, if you guys don’t grab this and then have a stab at perfecting your “come hither” looks, I shall be so disappoint, son. This hairstyle is just made for sending your partner (or prospective parter) weak at the knees, so don’t let the ladies hog it all to themselves! ;-)

I, uh, guess I’d best stop waxing rhapsodic about Skell’s barnet and take a quick gander at the rest of him. *sigh*

In the words of Mary Poppins…

Oh, well... If we must, we must.

The necklace is new from Mandala, and also out at Uber. As with all Mandala items, there’s a fantastic customisation HUD allowing you to change each of the links in the necklace. Male and female fits are included in the folder, and the male one didn’t need even one iota of adjustment (which is a refreshing change from so much other jewellery in SL).

The eyes are stunners. Again, out at Uber, they’re by S0NG, and are available in a Catwa fatpack only. I will note here, that every applier that I’ve tried by S0NG appears to sit a little too high up on my Catwa rigged eyes. This is easily fixable with the Catwa Eyes & Tears HUD, which allows for fine-tuning of texture position and size, as well as specular and many other things. Added to that: it also contains a ton of free additional eye appliers by Catwa (and you can create copies of it to overwrite those with your own appliers, giving you one—or more, depending on your eye applier habit!—HUD with everything in it).

The lash appliers—though they’re not easy to see here—are from a beautiful hand-painted set by Stardust, at Uber. I picked up both the Catwa and Lelutka options. Definitely worth it, as they’re fine and delicate enough for male lashes, so they’re pretty much unisex.

Yeah, you’re looking at that skin, too, ain’tcha? Well you’ve got Insol to thank for that, and please do  thank them, because they’ve started making some beautiful, porcelain-like male appliers at last! I’ve long envied the lovely female appliers that have been released from there, so it’s fantastic to see male appliers coming out, too. This one is ‘Tyson’ in tone 01, out at Kustom9. Matching body appliers can be found at Bold & Beauty (LM is in the Insol folder).

I’m going to note something here that did make me side-eye just a little, though. You know me: I speak out about what I love, but I’m also not afraid to speak out when something strikes me as wrong or unfair. And the body applier issue here is a little unfair. Bold & Beauty sell female body appliers to match Insol heads, too. And when I say they sell them… I actually meant they sell them… for FREE. Yep. The female Bold & Beauty body appliers, for multiple female bodies, are absolutely free at the store.

The male appliers? Hrrr… those are sold in fatpacks for individual bodies, and at L$350 per pack. I picked up the Omega version, since I was unwilling to shell out L$350 for the Slink appliers, followed by another L$350 for the Signature appliers, etc. So yeah: the ladies get their appliers free, but the guys have to pay. That said, though, they’re absolutely fucking fantastic appliers and—since I consider L$350 for a fatpack of body appliers a good price—it might seem that I’m griping for no reason. Rest assured: the gripe only comes because of the disparity in cost between male and female appliers. Why do the ladies get theirs free, while the gents have to pay?

Anyway, back to the fashion. This tank from Justice is out at the current Sense Event, and comes with fits for the four primary male mesh bodies (check out the credits for a full list) and several pattern options. It’s great to see more and more clothing being rigged for Signature Geralt, too. Keep that up, please, designers!

White Widow have the tattoo appliers out at Cosmetic Fair, with multiple colour options (sold separately) for the ‘gems’. They also have leg tattoos in a similar style that—rather wonderfully—look like garters. Didn’t pick those up, but I was tempted ;-)

The piercings were recently released by Catwa, in one massive pack for either men or women (L$460 each). Each pack contains rigged piercing sets for all Catwa Bento heads, with a huge customisation HUD that allows different metal colours as well as hide/show options for each piercing. My set here is quite minimal compared to the full option!

Get your arses over to Uber, lads, and let your hair down ;-)


Head applier: Insol – Tyson (T1 – Catwa)
Body applier: Bold & Beauty Homme
Hair: Truth – Livia (multitone 1)
Necklace: Mandala – Chunky Chain Necklace (unisex)
Eye appliers: S0NG – Texas Eyes (Catwa)
Lash appliers: Stardust – Aurora Lashes (Catwa, Lelutka)
Tattoo appliers: White Widow – FallOut (black – diamond) (Belleza, Maitreya, Omega, Sig, Sking, Slink)
Eyeshadow applier: Zibska – Terrwyn (Catwa, Lelutka, Omega)
Top: Justice – Jonathan Shirt (ebony) (Geralt, Gianni, Jake, Slink)
Piercings: Catwa – Bento Face Piercings* (rigged for all Catwa Bento heads)
Head: Catwa – Skell* (Bento)
Body: Slink – Physique Male

*review copy

When the one you want is only in the fatpack…

There are times, my sartorial darlings, when I both shake my fist and make with the grabbyhands simultaneously (and believe me that ain’t easy). I’m not a fan of several new trends that I’m seeing among designers of male avatar customisation items in Second Life (one of which is the no-demo shape, but that’s for another post). The one that’s been bugging me lately is the ‘fatpack-only colour/pattern’ or the ‘you have to buy a pack of six to get the colour you want, and the other  colour you want is in a different pack of six’ model of selling.

*imagine Skell uttering Marge Simpson’s throaty “hrrrm” growl here*

However, occasionally, an item is so good (and there are enough patterns/special fatpack-only colours that I like) to make it worth springing for the full version, so I guess I’m as guilty as anyone else of proving that this selling method does occasionally work, and thereby of perpetuating it. So ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (as the cool kids say).

Anyhow, this shirt, by Tori Torricelli at The Mens Dept this month is one of those certain-patterns-in-the-fatpack-only items, but c’mon.  Did you seriously think I could pass up a pattern like that? And the shirt is so well-made, fits so beautifully, and has several fitting options for each mesh body that it’s rigged for, so it was worth the L$1500-ish asking fee for the very generous fatpack HUD.

And, knocking it out of the park (as per usual) with these stunning glasses at the current Ultra event, is Haysuriza. I own several pairs of their shades, and they just keep getting better and better. Fantastic customisation options (frames, lenses and opacity, down or on the top of your head, etc), and these are the first shades I’ve seen that allow you to actually open the arms out  at the side of your head, as opposed to just stretching the whole linkset sideways to accommodate a wider head. For that alone I would highly recommend them (and I wish more creators would give us that option) but, as you can see, they’re so damn good to look at that you need to buy them anyway, y’hear?

Cigarette and lighter (plus the next pose) are available singly or in fatpack form by Animosity at The Mens Dept. Fork out for the fatpack and you’ll get a bonus petrol can and blazing flames, for all your pyromaniac needs ;-)

Cuff by Swallow, necklace by The Forge (IIRC that necklace may  be a freebie, or at the very least a free gift at the store for members of L’Homme Magazine  Readers’ Group), hair by Vango, and mesh ears by L’Etre. The background is by Weekend Ruiner, who is now selling on Marketplace. I strongly  recommend anyone who loves taking fashion or posed shots of their avatar to shell out L$500 to buy his Big Box of Stuff. Inside it you’ll find 300 items, including all kinds of photo sets and booths, most of them with incredible projected lighting. (Seriously, enable Advanced Lighting and play around with Windlight on these things.)


Shirt: Tori Torricelli – Brooklyn Shirt* (Gianni, Jake, Slink, Enzo)
Pants: Tori Torricelli – Uptown Jeans (Gianni, Jake, Slink, Enzo)
Glasses: Haysuriza – Goggles Protection CX Gold
Hair: Vango – Oliver (grayscale)
Cuff: Swallow – Harl3y Quinn Suicide Bracelet
Necklace: The Forge – Rockstar Necklace
Ears: L’Etre – Horn Mesh Ears
Skin applier: Birth – Maverick (tone 01 – Catwa)
Head: Catwa – Daniel (Bento)
Body: Slink – Physique Male
Poses: Wrong, Animosity
Background: Weekend Ruiner – Dead Ender

*This pattern is only available in the fatpack

And, since I’ve been on a Kesha kick lately, with her stunning album Rainbow  on repeat, have a song to belt out whenever you need a boost:

What does the (silver) fox say?

Okay, it’s not full-on silver fox. I’m not at Anderson Cooper levels here, but the minute I saw this new facial hair from Mister Razzor—out at Sense Event until June 8th—I had  to have it.

Mister Razzor is fast becoming a new favourite of mine for facial hair, and it’s easy to see why. The subtle salt-and-pepper effect is stunning (and yes, an all-black version is also included for those of you who don’t want to age gracefully) but be aware that you might struggle to find a similar hair texture. I lucked in with Exile’s perfect grayscale HUD, which includes this distinguished texture option.

Mature male skins do exist in Second Life, but they’re a rarity. Session have a couple of great ones, as do VYC and Aeros, but my favourites are from Stray Dog. I already own their Sean skin (which I used both for this look—which, to my great pleasure, got me likened to Bowie—and this ‘Luke Evans in Dracula Untold‘ look that I put together for a jewellery ad shoot for Chop Zuey, together with some additional ‘age wrinkles’ appliers from Izzie’s) but I pounced on this new Stray Dog ‘Gian’ skin, out at Man Cave this month. It includes options with and without those brow furrows, as well as the usual brow/browless etc options.

In fact, the look was so classy I had to dress it up even further with my favourite Deadwool suit (the one I’m wearing in the blog’s background image; I love it so fucking much, my sartorial darlings) and then I dug through my old Kalnins eyewear folder for these classic specs.

Ageing gracefully? Damn right. Skip the Just for Men and embrace your inner silver fox ;-)


Facial hair applier: Mister Razzor – Jeffrey (Catwa – black version also included)
Skin applier: Stray Dog – Gian (Catwa – tone 04)
Hair: Exile – Shape of You* (grayscale)
Suit: Deadwool – Peak Suit (royal – black pin)
Glasses: Kalnins – Astor (no longer available)
Eye appliers: Avi-Glam – Elysian Eyes (fjord)
Brow appliers: Birth – Arched Eyebrow Appliers Tintable (Catwa, Omega, Signature)
Head: Catwa – Daniel (Bento)
Poses: Wrong

*review copy

Nothing suits like a good suit

Any guy will tell you that title is the truth. Put a man in a good suit and he’ll feel like a king. Okay, if the weather is on the hot side he might also feel like a trussed-up chicken, yearning for shorts and flipflops, but on the whole a decent suit—especially one that is hand-tailored—will always make a guy look and feel good.

This Edge Business Suit from Lapointe & Bastchild—out at the current round of FaMESHed—is a stunner. It might seem a little on the pricey side, at L$1499 for a fatpack-only set, but, as with all L&B items, you get an incredibly-generous HUD with it that contains tens of options for the suit, shirt, tie, pocket square, belt, and metalwork. The only other thing I could have wished for was an option to colour/texture-change the cufflinks, not to mention that it’s unusual to see cufflinks used with folded-round cuffs instead of placed-together ones like these, but those are small quibbles when it comes to something this good.

The tie and pocket square options range from 12 plain colours to mixed stripes to light plaids and this irresistible patterned design, with an on/off option for the pocket square. Suit fabric options contain 13 plain colours each for jacket and slacks, and you can bet that if L&B subsequently issue a pinstriped version I’ll be all over it. For the shirt your options are 26 plain colours and two striped (white/blue and white/dark grey). And, finally, for the belt you have 14 shades of leather and 5 metals, plus an on/off option.

The suit jacket itself comes in both closed (shown here) and open single-breasted versions with peaked lapels. All things considered, that’s a lot of bang for your SL buck when it comes to a single outfit, and it’s tailored so beautifully. It’s available in fits for Slink, Signature Gianni, Belleza Jake, and a fitted mesh version for classic avatars.

You can also buy the jacket separately (with the same amount of customisation) for L$899 at the event. I’m wearing the full shebang, though, and with Deadwool’s classic Dandy Shoes which are a staple for me—together with their multi-height mesh socks—when it comes to suits in SL.

Mesh ears by L’Etre, who have fast become my favourites for these additions, as well as for their skins (of which I’m currently wearing Toni in the buttermilk tone). And sure, I probably wouldn’t be wearing piercings like that to a boardroom meeting with the directors, but what’s life if it doesn’t have some edge? (I so pun…)

Hair by VoltHair, who have been bringing out some amazing styles of late, fierce (and yes, on fleek, etc) brows by Identity Body Shop, beard by CDC Creations, eyes by Avi-Glam, and head by Catwa.


Suit: Lapointe & Bastchild – Edge Business Suit (Slink, Sig, Jake, classic)
Shoes: Deadwool – Dandy Shoes
Hair: VoltHair – Kevin
Ears: L’Etre – Olympe Mesh Ears
Brow applier: Identity Body Shop – Thick Eyebrows
Beard applier: CDC Creations – Beard 46 Tintable (Catwa, Omega)
Eye appliers: Avi-Glam – Vivid Eyes* (pearl)
Skin: L’Etre – Toni (buttermilk)
Head: Catwa – Victor (Bento)

*review copy