When the one you want is only in the fatpack…

There are times, my sartorial darlings, when I both shake my fist and make with the grabbyhands simultaneously (and believe me that ain’t easy). I’m not a fan of several new trends that I’m seeing among designers of male avatar customisation items in Second Life (one of which is the no-demo shape, but that’s for another post). The one that’s been bugging me lately is the ‘fatpack-only colour/pattern’ or the ‘you have to buy a pack of six to get the colour you want, and the other  colour you want is in a different pack of six’ model of selling.

*imagine Skell uttering Marge Simpson’s throaty “hrrrm” growl here*

However, occasionally, an item is so good (and there are enough patterns/special fatpack-only colours that I like) to make it worth springing for the full version, so I guess I’m as guilty as anyone else of proving that this selling method does occasionally work, and thereby of perpetuating it. So ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (as the cool kids say).

Anyhow, this shirt, by Tori Torricelli at The Mens Dept this month is one of those certain-patterns-in-the-fatpack-only items, but c’mon.  Did you seriously think I could pass up a pattern like that? And the shirt is so well-made, fits so beautifully, and has several fitting options for each mesh body that it’s rigged for, so it was worth the L$1500-ish asking fee for the very generous fatpack HUD.

And, knocking it out of the park (as per usual) with these stunning glasses at the current Ultra event, is Haysuriza. I own several pairs of their shades, and they just keep getting better and better. Fantastic customisation options (frames, lenses and opacity, down or on the top of your head, etc), and these are the first shades I’ve seen that allow you to actually open the arms out  at the side of your head, as opposed to just stretching the whole linkset sideways to accommodate a wider head. For that alone I would highly recommend them (and I wish more creators would give us that option) but, as you can see, they’re so damn good to look at that you need to buy them anyway, y’hear?

Cigarette and lighter (plus the next pose) are available singly or in fatpack form by Animosity at The Mens Dept. Fork out for the fatpack and you’ll get a bonus petrol can and blazing flames, for all your pyromaniac needs ;-)

Cuff by Swallow, necklace by The Forge (IIRC that necklace may  be a freebie, or at the very least a free gift at the store for members of L’Homme Magazine  Readers’ Group), hair by Vango, and mesh ears by L’Etre. The background is by Weekend Ruiner, who is now selling on Marketplace. I strongly  recommend anyone who loves taking fashion or posed shots of their avatar to shell out L$500 to buy his Big Box of Stuff. Inside it you’ll find 300 items, including all kinds of photo sets and booths, most of them with incredible projected lighting. (Seriously, enable Advanced Lighting and play around with Windlight on these things.)


Shirt: Tori Torricelli – Brooklyn Shirt* (Gianni, Jake, Slink, Enzo)
Pants: Tori Torricelli – Uptown Jeans (Gianni, Jake, Slink, Enzo)
Glasses: Haysuriza – Goggles Protection CX Gold
Hair: Vango – Oliver (grayscale)
Cuff: Swallow – Harl3y Quinn Suicide Bracelet
Necklace: The Forge – Rockstar Necklace
Ears: L’Etre – Horn Mesh Ears
Skin applier: Birth – Maverick (tone 01 – Catwa)
Head: Catwa – Daniel (Bento)
Body: Slink – Physique Male
Poses: Wrong, Animosity
Background: Weekend Ruiner – Dead Ender

*This pattern is only available in the fatpack

And, since I’ve been on a Kesha kick lately, with her stunning album Rainbow  on repeat, have a song to belt out whenever you need a boost:

What does the (silver) fox say?

Okay, it’s not full-on silver fox. I’m not at Anderson Cooper levels here, but the minute I saw this new facial hair from Mister Razzor—out at Sense Event until June 8th—I had  to have it.

Mister Razzor is fast becoming a new favourite of mine for facial hair, and it’s easy to see why. The subtle salt-and-pepper effect is stunning (and yes, an all-black version is also included for those of you who don’t want to age gracefully) but be aware that you might struggle to find a similar hair texture. I lucked in with Exile’s perfect grayscale HUD, which includes this distinguished texture option.

Mature male skins do exist in Second Life, but they’re a rarity. Session have a couple of great ones, as do VYC and Aeros, but my favourites are from Stray Dog. I already own their Sean skin (which I used both for this look—which, to my great pleasure, got me likened to Bowie—and this ‘Luke Evans in Dracula Untold‘ look that I put together for a jewellery ad shoot for Chop Zuey, together with some additional ‘age wrinkles’ appliers from Izzie’s) but I pounced on this new Stray Dog ‘Gian’ skin, out at Man Cave this month. It includes options with and without those brow furrows, as well as the usual brow/browless etc options.

In fact, the look was so classy I had to dress it up even further with my favourite Deadwool suit (the one I’m wearing in the blog’s background image; I love it so fucking much, my sartorial darlings) and then I dug through my old Kalnins eyewear folder for these classic specs.

Ageing gracefully? Damn right. Skip the Just for Men and embrace your inner silver fox ;-)


Facial hair applier: Mister Razzor – Jeffrey (Catwa – black version also included)
Skin applier: Stray Dog – Gian (Catwa – tone 04)
Hair: Exile – Shape of You* (grayscale)
Suit: Deadwool – Peak Suit (royal – black pin)
Glasses: Kalnins – Astor (no longer available)
Eye appliers: Avi-Glam – Elysian Eyes (fjord)
Brow appliers: Birth – Arched Eyebrow Appliers Tintable (Catwa, Omega, Signature)
Head: Catwa – Daniel (Bento)
Poses: Wrong

*review copy

Nothing suits like a good suit

Any guy will tell you that title is the truth. Put a man in a good suit and he’ll feel like a king. Okay, if the weather is on the hot side he might also feel like a trussed-up chicken, yearning for shorts and flipflops, but on the whole a decent suit—especially one that is hand-tailored—will always make a guy look and feel good.

This Edge Business Suit from Lapointe & Bastchild—out at the current round of FaMESHed—is a stunner. It might seem a little on the pricey side, at L$1499 for a fatpack-only set, but, as with all L&B items, you get an incredibly-generous HUD with it that contains tens of options for the suit, shirt, tie, pocket square, belt, and metalwork. The only other thing I could have wished for was an option to colour/texture-change the cufflinks, not to mention that it’s unusual to see cufflinks used with folded-round cuffs instead of placed-together ones like these, but those are small quibbles when it comes to something this good.

The tie and pocket square options range from 12 plain colours to mixed stripes to light plaids and this irresistible patterned design, with an on/off option for the pocket square. Suit fabric options contain 13 plain colours each for jacket and slacks, and you can bet that if L&B subsequently issue a pinstriped version I’ll be all over it. For the shirt your options are 26 plain colours and two striped (white/blue and white/dark grey). And, finally, for the belt you have 14 shades of leather and 5 metals, plus an on/off option.

The suit jacket itself comes in both closed (shown here) and open single-breasted versions with peaked lapels. All things considered, that’s a lot of bang for your SL buck when it comes to a single outfit, and it’s tailored so beautifully. It’s available in fits for Slink, Signature Gianni, Belleza Jake, and a fitted mesh version for classic avatars.

You can also buy the jacket separately (with the same amount of customisation) for L$899 at the event. I’m wearing the full shebang, though, and with Deadwool’s classic Dandy Shoes which are a staple for me—together with their multi-height mesh socks—when it comes to suits in SL.

Mesh ears by L’Etre, who have fast become my favourites for these additions, as well as for their skins (of which I’m currently wearing Toni in the buttermilk tone). And sure, I probably wouldn’t be wearing piercings like that to a boardroom meeting with the directors, but what’s life if it doesn’t have some edge? (I so pun…)

Hair by VoltHair, who have been bringing out some amazing styles of late, fierce (and yes, on fleek, etc) brows by Identity Body Shop, beard by CDC Creations, eyes by Avi-Glam, and head by Catwa.


Suit: Lapointe & Bastchild – Edge Business Suit (Slink, Sig, Jake, classic)
Shoes: Deadwool – Dandy Shoes
Hair: VoltHair – Kevin
Ears: L’Etre – Olympe Mesh Ears
Brow applier: Identity Body Shop – Thick Eyebrows
Beard applier: CDC Creations – Beard 46 Tintable (Catwa, Omega)
Eye appliers: Avi-Glam – Vivid Eyes* (pearl)
Skin: L’Etre – Toni (buttermilk)
Head: Catwa – Victor (Bento)

*review copy

Birthing a beauty – Birth’s new ‘Miller’ skin

Another morning quickie from me. (Never say no to one of those, my sartorial darlings; they start your day off with such a smile…) Although yeah, now you get to see how shamblingly ineloquent I am after only half a cup of tea and four hours of sleep, because WTF is with that post title, Skell?


Birth’s Miller  skin—currently out at The Mens Dept—is billed by its designer as the ‘pretty boy’ of the store’s collection, and lord is he that (if you put your mind to it). I’ve seen others take Miller to Birth’s usual gorgeous masculine limits, but I decided to take him to my  usual limits. So, pretty boy it is.

As with yesterday’s brief post, I’m short on pics and short on text, but do yourself a favour and pick up the demo of this one. It’s a stunner of a skin. Here I’m using applier brows by Identity Body Shop (I really love these; so fucking FIERCE) and—since the jacket juuuust needed a little something extra—the necklace from Obscure added the perfect finishing touch. Add on new hair from Dura (also at TMD) in their usual glossy shades—take note, other hair designers, of how alive  black can look when it’s not a bunch of solid matte clumps—and I’m ready for a nightclub and a few vodkas.

Well… maybe after I’ve had a nap first ;-)


Skin applier: Birth – Miller (tone 01 – Catwa)
Hair: Dura – B83 (fatpack 1)
Jacket: Kalback – Casual jacket (dark)
Necklace: Obscure – Necklace B
Piercings: RealEvil – Savage Ear Piercings
Brow appliers: Identity Body Shop – Thick Eyebrows
Cigarette: Hermony – Ultimate Cigarette
Eye appliers: Avi-Glam – Vivid Eyes* (pearl)
Head: Catwa – Victor (Bento)

* review copy

#red – Vendetta’s new ‘Pierre’ Catwa & LeLutka applier

Yes, I’m posting before 8am on a Monday morning. Gotta love those nights when insomnia hits!

Just a quick one today, my sartorial darlings, to alert all of you redheads out there that Vendetta has a new Catwa and LeLutka applier (called Pierre) out at the Bodyfy event. Natch, I had to slap it onto a few of Skell’s mesh heads, and—while it looked great on many of them—I really  loved it on Catwa’s Victor.

Vendetta’s older skins match to the default Signature body skins, but this new one matches to Clef de Peau’s Gen.2 body appliers (available at the CdP store). However, look out for Vendetta at Skin Fair when it rolls around, because creator Enzo will have body appliers of his own available there. I’ve seen some WiP previews and they’re looking bloody gorgeous.

I did say it was a quick one today, so not much of my usual ramble. Just a couple of pretty pics and a credits list before I shuffle off to the kitchen to make another cup of tea before dragging myself out to work ;-)


Skin applier: Vendetta – Pierre* (Tone 03 – Catwa & LeLutka)
Hair: VoltHair – Tom (red)
Jacket: Etham – Josh Blazer (black)
Eye appliers: Avi-Glam – Vivid Eyes* (Hazel)
Ears: L’Etre – Stretched Mesh Ears
Head: Catwa – Victor

*review copy

Lipstick cherry all over the lens

Wider, baby, smiling, you’ve just made a million.

(It’s the Tin Tin Out remix, naturally, my sartorial darlings. YouTube-y-ness at the end of the post, so you can chairdance alongside me.)

The things that a song will inspire, eh?

Ostensibly, this all began with a hunt for— No wait, this needs a humorous movie-like title: The Hunt for Red Octob… Lipstick. Because, well, this song, and the fact that the Lelutka Andrea Bento mesh head takes so beautifully  to lipstick. And boy did I find a lippy that I loved (among the… several that I now own) by Used Abused. And after that there was nothing left to do but glam it the hell up, right?

This suit by Meva is out at the current Men Only Monthly round, and it’s for Signature only. However, if you don’t wear the midriff straps, it will fit on the Slink body (and probably the Jake body, too). I went through a few applier tops until I found a combination from [email protected] (one fishnet selection, plus the straps-only section of a bustier applier that I—you guessed it—bought only  for that straps section).

The bracers are old ones by Titzuki. No longer available, I snapped them up during the closeout sale before Titzuki rebranded as FAKEIKON. I love how the arm straps mirror the straps on the body. And then, if we pull out to the whole outfit, we can see something that I didn’t even realise I’d done until I was looking at the uploads on Flickr:

Fishnet matchy-matchy! Topped and tailed with the stuff, thanks to these boots (possibly no longer available) that I picked up a few years ago from Wicca’s Wardrobe. Yes, they’re female boots. Has that ever stopped me before? Nope. And even the pattern on those amazing Gaga-glam shades from Since 1975 looks kinda fishnet-ish. So I guess I achieved unconscious cohesiveness today. Gotta love the rare occasions when that happens.

Hair by Drot, from a beanie/hair package that (thankfully) also included the hair only, since I’m picky about beanies. Not many of them suit Skell.


Suit: Meva – Tadeo (Sig, but I got it to work on Slink)
Boots: Wicca’s Wardrobe: Cleora Boots (fishnet)
Bracers: Titzuki – Pitboy Bracers* (black steel)
Top applier #1: [email protected] – The Fishnet Collection 2016 (Omega)
Top applier #2: [email protected] – Cage Strappy Top (Omega; strap section only)
Glasses: Since 1975 – Glamblind Glasses (silver)
Lipstick applier: Used Abused – Lelutka Lips Red
Hair: Drot – XCamo Slouch/beanie Hair (hair only)
Skin applier: Tableau Vivant – Mort Vivant (Lelutka)
Ears: L’Etre – Olympe Mesh Ears
Head: Lelutka – Andrea (Bento)
Body: Slink – Physique Male

*no longer available

Go forth and dance, bitches!

I’m headed straight for the castle

Sick of all these people talking, sick of all this noise.
Tired of all these cameras flashing, sick of being poised.
And now my neck is open wide, begging for a fist around it.
Already choking on my pride, so there’s no use crying about it.

The second I spotted this Elizabethan-style ruff on a cam around the SaNaRae event it was one of those inhale-sharply-GOT-to-have-that  moments. But I had no idea that playing around with Windlight would give me images like the ones below.

It’s by ParxDesign, and I picked up the ‘classic pack’ which features white, blood red, and pitch black. I’m looking forward to what I can do with the others, but for now it was the white one that I immediately had ideas for. Initially they were as the above: pure white and glittery-wintery, but then… oh then  I started playing with Windlight…



The difference a Torley preset (okay, and a couple of filters; I’ll post an unedited shot at the end) can make, huh? I just love the chiaroscuro in these shots. It’s rare for me to fall head over heels with my own photography (I always see the flaws) but these? Yeah, I’m a little bit heart-thumpy over these *g*

The eyes are by ARTE, and they were initially what I knew  I’d be putting with this ruff, alongside the skin.

The ears are by L’Etre, who have rapidly become my go-to for pierced mesh ears. Simple to customise with a fantastic colour and tinting HUD.

Lastly, the hair is by Modulus and it’s out at the current (January) Man Cave, which ends in a couple of days, on 31st January.

Oh, and I promised you an un-edited pic with that Windlight. It’s Torley’s “Foggy – Southern Delite” setting, and it looks incredible (even without filters) on all-white looks:


Collar: ParxDesign – Elizabethan Collar (classic version)
Hair: Modulus – Tommy (monochromes)
Eye appliers: ARTE – Blessed (Catwa/Lelutka)
Makeup: Zibska – Vaclava (Lelutka/Catwa/Omega)
Ears: L’Etre – Olympe Mesh Ears
Skin applier: The Plastik & Trap – Atharne (Takara)
Head: Lelutka – Andrea (Bento)

Catwa ‘Victor’ Bento male mesh head

“Handsome and handsomer,” said Alice…

Well, actually, no she didn’t, but I do. Victor is Catwa’s latest male Bento mesh head release, and he’s probably the most gorgeous one yet. Also, I suspect—from the quick test that I gave him last night in order to get the pics for this post—he will be very versatile when it comes to potential androgyny. There’s something about that jawline and the nose that makes me think Victor could be quite a pretty boy if he really wanted to ;-)

This post is really just a quickie to showcase a few pics, but once I get inworld again later today I’ll throw some more skins and some slap onto him and see how he turns out.

For now, though, he’s pretty damn gorg in this Stray Dog skin, and with the new hair by VoltHair (at the current round of Man Cave). Oh, and those Catwa mocap animations…

“So, you doin’ anything tonight?”


Head: Catwa – Victor (Bento)
Skin applier: Stray Dog – Levi (tone 04)
Eye appliers: Avi-Glam – Lucent Eyes* (daylight)
Hair: VoltHair – Shaun (blacks)

*review copy

For further details about Catwa’s male Bento mesh heads—including a how-to guide for customising them—check out this post.

Lelutka ‘Andrea’ Bento male mesh head

A few weeks ago, my sartorial darlings, I wrote a long-arsed post for guys to help them get to grips with Catwa Bento mesh heads. Now, while I place myself firmly in the Catwa fanboy group, I’ll admit that—for some guys—the sheer stupefying range of options available on those heads can be bewildering and frustrating. (Case in point: that post was 4000 words long, and I only covered the basics.)

Luckily for those guys (and for the rest of us, for reasons I’ll go into shortly) Lelutka have finally released a male Bento mesh head, called ‘Andrea’, which this post is going to be a brief (and loving!) review of.

First up, the nitty-gritty. Andrea costs L$5000, like most Bento mesh heads. A free demo is available at the inworld store, which I highly recommend you try. You can also pick up some demo skins by Clef de Peau, Tableau Vivant, and Stray Dog at the Lelutka store, as well as some demo shapes. These will give you a rough idea of what the head is capable of looking like. The default skins are also by Tableau Vivant, of which you get 10 different colour options.

Andrea is compatible with Slink and Belleza bodies (it does not  work with the default SL system body), and on my Slink body I can honestly say that I’ve never  noticed a visible join mark at the neck. It also has built-in Omega compatibility. You can learn a lot more about the head by reading this post on the Lelutka blog, but I’m going to summarise the basics here.

First up, a quick look at the HUD’s various tabs, beginning with the essentials. This is the workhorse tab, where you’ll spend most of your time while customising your look:

Note on that tab you have two additional side-tabs (the black background ones) – Save Layer Slots, and Tint Layers. We’ll get to those shortly, but as you can see in this HUD screenshot, you have a generous amount of options for customising straight out of the box, from facial hair, hairbases, brows, skins, tattoos, and even makeup. And that default smokey makeup, my darlings, looks fuckin’ fabulous:

You’ll also note that the Essentials tab contains simple ‘clear’ buttons that will quickly remove anything you’ve added to your head.

The second tab contains moods and expressions which will animate your face (if you want them to). I usually don’t tend to have random Bento animations running on any head that I wear, because I don’t want some random woman to think that I’m giving her the come-on by winking at her and licking my lips O.o

You can also control various aspects of your eyes and mouth (states of opening and animation) in this tab.

Note the eye control at the bottom. I’ve found that I need to have them both at their lower setting in order to show fully in my eye opening. Whether I’ve just not discovered something that I should be doing as yet, or whether that’s a quirk of my shape, I’ve no idea. But it’s something to note.

Tab three contains the main eye and mouth controls, plus some eye applier presets. Since the head is Omega-enabled, you can also apply any Omega eyes to it, as well as Lelutka appliers.

Tab four is for personalising. If you have full-permission textures of your own (for example: a face or neck tattoo that you designed) you can drop them in here:

The final tab is all the main settings. Keep the auto-updates on, so you receive any updated versions of the head without needing to redeliver. And click that ‘Misc’ button every now and then for a free gift from Lelutka ;-)

Moving on to those two extra side tabs, we have the Save Presets tab. This allows you to save up to four particular appliers on each location for ease of re-application later on. Just click and hold on the slot while you’re wearing the applier, choose a colour, and it will save to that slot:

If you run out of save slots, there’s an additional Personal Library pack available for L$265 in the Lelutka store, which contains copiable individual HUDs each containing eight more slots. As well as that, the Personal Library also contains a copiable ‘full head look’ HUD, which is perfect for those of us who create outfits. Add all your appliers for a look, save it to the HUD, then save your outfit (including the HUD). If you then change the appliers on your head and want to re-wear that outfit, the HUD will re-attach and one click will have your entire head back to the look you set it to.

And, finally, we have the Tint Layers tab. This is nice and simple, with the layers listed along the top. What I especially love about this is that you can tint several layers all at once by selecting the ones you want to change (so, for example, you can tint your hairbase, brows, and facial hair all the same colour in one easy click). To input RGB, click in that central section (where you see the 0 0 0) and type in the RGB values in the text box that opens up.

Pros and cons

As with any Bento mesh head, Andrea has its pros and cons. I would always urge people to try multiple demos of skins and shapes and heads in different combinations, because a Bento mesh head is an expensive purchase. But these are the things that struck me in the couple of weeks since I’ve been wearing this head:


It’s so damn easy to use. You have a simple ‘clear’ button on each main applier section to get rid of whatever you’ve applied. It’s all there, without any worrying about upper and lower layers.

Omega appliers (if you hit the ‘A’ for ‘All’ button) will pop up a new window (pictured below) that names  the areas you can apply it to, rather than just offering ‘upper’ and ‘lower’. I’ve been using Omega appliers for ages, and I still  get annoyed when I take a stab at upper or lower and watch my eyebrows vanish.

It contains a very generous sample of starter appliers, including some great makeup.

It lends itself very well to androgynous looks, for guys who are into that kind of thing.

The neck blend (at least with Slink Physique Male body; I’ve not tried it yet with Belleza’s Jake body) is 99% perfect. You’ll only notice a small line there in extreme windlights.


The wingnut ears. Dear god, I’m sorry, but I hate  the ears! My RL ears don’t stick out like the handles of the F.A. Cup, and I don’t want my SL ears to, either! Luckily, you can hide them via the Essentials tab on the HUD, and wear ears by other creators. My own personal preference is for Swallow ears, but you may also want to try ears by Aitui (especially if you’re into gauges and stretched lobes). ETA: Also, check out L’Etre, who are fast becoming my new favourites for mesh ears.

The shimmer on the makeup layer applies to both eyes and  mouth. If you look at the images of Skell above, you can see that I’ve got a great slick eye gloss thing going on, but I also look like I’ve been snogging an open pot of Crisco. (Which, hey, worked for that look, but some guys ain’t gonna like it.) In short: I’d love it if Lelutka would split the eyes and lips into two sections.

The lips are a bit on the pouty side, which I believe is something of a thing with Lelutka heads. I don’t personally mind, since Skell could Blue Steel for Britain at the Olympics, but if you decide to demo the head, check to ensure you can edit the lips to your liking, from a profile view.

To sum up

Despite my two main quibbles (the ears and the single makeup layer) I’m really liking this head, and I’m looking forward to seeing what Lelutka brings to the male Bento mesh head market in the future. I’ll close this post with a few looks culled from my Flickr, of what I’ve done with the head thus far:

The all-over face shimmer is fantastic for creating a wet look. Get that mesh rain out, and your soaked-through shirts on, boys ;-)

Cheekbones for days

Honey, I rose up from the dead, I do it all the time

The world moves on, another day, another drama, drama
But not for me, not for me, all I think about is karma
And then the world moves on, but one thing’s for sure
Maybe I got mine, but you’ll all get yours

Oh, look what you made me do.

Sometimes I come up against things in SL that make me retaliate by pushing the envelope even fucking more, and this week has been no exception. In fact, just 30 minutes before I started writing this post, I was the recipient of homophobic abuse in a large group chat. And you know what that brings on, right?


Okay, I had it all on anyway, but eh. How apropos, right?

Let us begin, my sartorial darlings, with the eyes in the pic above. (That is, if you can tear yourself away from my eye-scratchin’ fingernail. Sorry to say that polish is no longer available, but we’ll move onto accessories in a bit.)

The eyes are the Enchanted Eyes by Avi-Glam. I’m wearing the silvery-grey pair from Pack 3. These eyes come in Catwa, Lelutka, and Omega versions, and they also include a pair of mesh eyes and Avi-Glam’s own applier. Note that, with the Catwa and Lelutka HUDs you can change the colour of left and right eyes independently of each other. Here’s a quick screenshot of all three Catwa HUDs:

Moving onto the hair, and once again I’m having a [Bad Hair Day] (and honestly, I love the fact that all this glorious mussed hair comes from a store named exactly that!) with this style called Kalon. I’m using the reds HUDs here, both for the base colour and the tinting, but you can mix and match any HUDs from any colour packs that you buy.

And, volte-face, we have the Hairbase02, also from [BAD HAIR DAY]. This comes in tintable Catwa and Omega appliers as well as tintable tattoo layers, and you get three versions: one each with the cutout on left or right side, and one with it on both sides:

Yeah, I know you’re here for the bitch heels. You’re always  here for the bitch heels, aintcha? Revel, my darlings, for they are GLORIOUS and made just for boys.

They’re the simply-named Men Boots  by Cubura, who also have another pair of male-only heels in their Marketplace store. They come in fits for Adam, Slink, Signature, and TMP. You have no fucking idea  how happy I am to have these. And no, they’re not just black; they include a several-colour HUD, for those of you that aren’t Princes of Darkness, or whatever ;-)

Piercings by Cerberus Xing. These are old favourites, in single mesh pieces, so they’re a doddle to manually edit to fit. The harness is part of an outfit by Gabriel, and the shirt is from a rare (oh yes, I struck the jackpot on that one) gacha fatpack by Boys To The Bone. Not sure if it’s still available, since it was out at one of the main menswear events a few months ago.

And, of course, I needed fishnets and hotpants to finish this one off. Some tricksy fiddling with the Slink Physique body HUD let this one work. Fishnets from [email protected]’s fabulous 2016 Omega applier collection on the tattoo layer, then my beloved Second Skin Leather Pants  Omega applier (also by [email protected]) on the underwear layer, set to mask (otherwise the fishnets vanish thanks to SL’s good ol’ alpha glitch) and with the leg visibility clicked off, so only the ‘shorts’ section shows.

But I got smarter, I got harder in the nick of time
Honey, I rose up from the dead, I do it all the time
I’ve got a list of names and yours is in red, underlined
I check it once, then I check it twice, oh!


Hair: [BAD HAIR DAY] – Kalon* (reds)
Eyes: Avi-Glam – Enchanted Eyes* (pack 3)
Shirt: Boys To The Bone – Tragic Gacha – Tee & Shirt (rare)
Pant appliers: [email protected] – Second Skin Leather Pants (legs switched off with Slink HUD)
Pantyhose appliers: [email protected] – The Fishnet Collection 2016
Boots: Cubura – Men Boots
Harness: Gabriel – Cross Harness
Ring: Swallow – Trust No One Ring
Piercings: Cerberus Xing – Deepforge Chains (silver)
Eyeshadow applier: [email protected]tch – Morgana Gothic Eyeshadows
Lipstick applier: Shiny Stuffs – Catwa Essentials Applier Set
Brow applier: Odeco – Catwa/Omega Mens Eyebrow (shaved)
Skin applier: Tableau Vivant – Nyx (tone 4)
Head: Catwa – Daniel
Body: Slink Physique Male
Hands: Slink Dynamic Male
Nail appliers: Odd Eyed Cat – Claws Base Slink Appliers (no longer available)
Hairbase: [BAD HAIR DAY] – Hairbase2* (3)
Poses: Gingerfish
Set: Isuka – Back Alley Blue Backdrop

*review copy