Honey, I rose up from the dead, I do it all the time

The world moves on, another day, another drama, drama
But not for me, not for me, all I think about is karma
And then the world moves on, but one thing’s for sure
Maybe I got mine, but you’ll all get yours

Oh, look what you made me do.

Sometimes I come up against things in SL that make me retaliate by pushing the envelope even fucking more, and this week has been no exception. In fact, just 30 minutes before I started writing this post, I was the recipient of homophobic abuse in a large group chat. And you know what that brings on, right?


Okay, I had it all on anyway, but eh. How apropos, right?

Let us begin, my sartorial darlings, with the eyes in the pic above. (That is, if you can tear yourself away from my eye-scratchin’ fingernail. Sorry to say that polish is no longer available, but we’ll move onto accessories in a bit.)

The eyes are the Enchanted Eyes by Avi-Glam. I’m wearing the silvery-grey pair from Pack 3. These eyes come in Catwa, Lelutka, and Omega versions, and they also include a pair of mesh eyes and Avi-Glam’s own applier. Note that, with the Catwa and Lelutka HUDs you can change the colour of left and right eyes independently of each other. Here’s a quick screenshot of all three Catwa HUDs:

Moving onto the hair, and once again I’m having a [Bad Hair Day] (and honestly, I love the fact that all this glorious mussed hair comes from a store named exactly that!) with this style called Kalon. I’m using the reds HUDs here, both for the base colour and the tinting, but you can mix and match any HUDs from any colour packs that you buy.

And, volte-face, we have the Hairbase02, also from [BAD HAIR DAY]. This comes in tintable Catwa and Omega appliers as well as tintable tattoo layers, and you get three versions: one each with the cutout on left or right side, and one with it on both sides:

Yeah, I know you’re here for the bitch heels. You’re always  here for the bitch heels, aintcha? Revel, my darlings, for they are GLORIOUS and made just for boys.

They’re the simply-named Men Boots  by Cubura, who also have another pair of male-only heels in their Marketplace store. They come in fits for Adam, Slink, Signature, and TMP. You have no fucking idea  how happy I am to have these. And no, they’re not just black; they include a several-colour HUD, for those of you that aren’t Princes of Darkness, or whatever ;-)

Piercings by Cerberus Xing. These are old favourites, in single mesh pieces, so they’re a doddle to manually edit to fit. The harness is part of an outfit by Gabriel, and the shirt is from a rare (oh yes, I struck the jackpot on that one) gacha fatpack by Boys To The Bone. Not sure if it’s still available, since it was out at one of the main menswear events a few months ago.

And, of course, I needed fishnets and hotpants to finish this one off. Some tricksy fiddling with the Slink Physique body HUD let this one work. Fishnets from Sn@tch’s fabulous 2016 Omega applier collection on the tattoo layer, then my beloved Second Skin Leather Pants  Omega applier (also by Sn@tch) on the underwear layer, set to mask (otherwise the fishnets vanish thanks to SL’s good ol’ alpha glitch) and with the leg visibility clicked off, so only the ‘shorts’ section shows.

But I got smarter, I got harder in the nick of time
Honey, I rose up from the dead, I do it all the time
I’ve got a list of names and yours is in red, underlined
I check it once, then I check it twice, oh!


Hair: [BAD HAIR DAY] – Kalon* (reds)
Eyes: Avi-Glam – Enchanted Eyes* (pack 3)
Shirt: Boys To The Bone – Tragic Gacha – Tee & Shirt (rare)
Pant appliers: Sn@tch – Second Skin Leather Pants (legs switched off with Slink HUD)
Pantyhose appliers: Sn@tch – The Fishnet Collection 2016
Boots: Cubura – Men Boots
Harness: Gabriel – Cross Harness
Ring: Swallow – Trust No One Ring
Piercings: Cerberus Xing – Deepforge Chains (silver)
Eyeshadow applier: Sn@tch – Morgana Gothic Eyeshadows
Lipstick applier: Shiny Stuffs – Catwa Essentials Applier Set
Brow applier: Odeco – Catwa/Omega Mens Eyebrow (shaved)
Skin applier: Tableau Vivant – Nyx (tone 4)
Head: Catwa – Daniel
Body: Slink Physique Male
Hands: Slink Dynamic Male
Nail appliers: Odd Eyed Cat – Claws Base Slink Appliers (no longer available)
Hairbase: [BAD HAIR DAY] – Hairbase2* (3)
Poses: Gingerfish
Set: Isuka – Back Alley Blue Backdrop

*review copy

Bite me, bitches

It’s a trip.
Imma flip, and flash right through the scene.
Can’t you see what I mean?

Sweet baby Jesus, I am wallowing  in goodies right now. Gorgeous hair and bitch boots, and I’m so giddy with it all I’m surrounding myself with fuckin’ rainbows O.o

See what I mean?

Anyway. *cough* HAIR!

Another new release from [BAD HAIR DAY] – just out today, in fact – this is the Kef  style. With each colour pack purchase you’ll get two HUDs: one for the main colour, and one for the highlights. There’s also a mirrored version if you want the long tendrils of hair to be the other way around. But oh my god, the fun comes when you mix different colour packs together. Each base colour and highlight HUD works with every other colour pack of the hair. Want to use the base HUD from the Gingers colour pack and the tint HUD from the Colors pack? Knock yourself out, because you can.

I used the black and whites base HUD and the colors tint HUD for this look.

While I’m focused on Skell’s phiz, the makeup is by Zibska – who is currently having a closeout sale to make way for new items, both inworld and on Marketplace. So if you want to pick up some L$50 bargains, make sure you check that out. The sale ends on August 31st.

Skell’s wearing one of my Zibska faves: the Herrick  eyeshadow, which comes in a 14-colour HUD for Omega, TMP, and LeLutka. The eyes are from my go-to these days for perfect peepers (oh fuck, somebody slap me; these boots have turned my damn head…) – Avi-Glam. The Lucent  eyes are shown here in the ocean shade, although my lighting does slightly detract from the gorgeous blend of colours in them.

Piercings by RealEvil, one of my current favourite designers in SL. These ones aren’t Bento-rigged, but since I rarely use face animations that doesn’t bother me. And, while I’m still experiencing a dearth of male Bento-rigged rings, these beauties by Absolut Vendetta at Vista Animations more than fit the bill for now. What I love about these is the HUD that—like the one RealEvil uses for their piercings—allows you to make individual parts visible or not. More customisation is always good!

Yes, I’m slowly working my way down to those boots. Patience, grasshopper ;-)

As soon as I saw this top by AGATA at the Hipster Mens Event (which, yes, I almost didn’t go to; that name kinda put me off, but it was well worth the visit) I all but jumped on it. Since I’m wearing applier pants under this mesh version, I had to set the applier layer on my Slink body to ‘mask’ for the pants, otherwise you’d have got more than an eyeful. And yes, I know I’m a spoilsport :p I also picked up the other (more solid, less-meshy) black version, which may make an appearance in another post at some point.

The sexeh fishnet gloves are Omega appliers by Sn@tch. And, since I’d picked out some colour in the hair, the makeup and glove details had to follow.

Okay. Okay.

Jesus tapdancing Christ on a cracker. Just L$250, full-perm, and unrigged. What the fuck  are you waiting for?! I swear, the materials on these boots are absolutely gobsmacking. The coloured reflections I’m getting in these images are all down to the lighting in the pose prop by Weekend Ruiner that I was using. Test ’em out with different projected lighting and windlights, because you’ll have so much fun  with these.

Here’s a studio shot with non-coloured lighting:

And if you try to tell me you don’t want those boots, my sartorial darlings, you know what you can do…


Go forth and shop!

Hair: [BAD HAIR DAY] – Kef* (main: B&W HUD – tints: Colors HUD)
Top: AGATA – Jan Top (mesh black male)
Boots: Meli Imako – MI Super High Heel Knee Boots (full perm)
Eyes: Avi-Glam – Lucent Eyes (ocean)
Pants appliers: Sn@tch – Second Skin Leather Pants
Makeup: Zibska – Herrick
Gloves: Sn@tch – Wasted Glory Gloves
Rings: Absolut Vendetta – Icarus Bento Rings (male)
Choker: Stray Dog – Choker
Piercings: RealEvil – Savage Face Piercings
Brow appliers: Odeco – Catwa/Omega Mens Eyebrow Shaved
Skin applier: Avenge – Matthew (peach)
Head: Catwa – Daniel
Body: Slink – Physique Male
Hands: Slink – Dynamic Male
Poses: (PDA)

*review copy

You spy with your regretful eyes

Bad hair day? Well yes, and no.

This, my sartorial darlings, is the new Noor  style by [Bad Hair Day], which will be released tomorrow. And by god, am I in love with the colour HUDs for this ‘do. Shown here is one colour from the Reds pack, but you actually get two HUDs, with three colour options in total: one HUD for the main part of the hair—which includes solid colours and roots—and one HUD for the accents, which includes a mixture of both.

And wait until I tell you that, if you fatpack this hairstyle or buy more than one colour pack… you can mix and match across all  the HUDs. Boy, did I have fun playing around with ’em ;-)

If you follow me on Flickr, you’ll notice that all of my protestations about mesh heads being something I’ll only wear when I feel like it, for certain looks have turned out to be, well… a load of bullshit XD I’ve had Catwa’s Daniel  and Shaheen  heads practically glued onto Skell’s bonce for the past few months, so I guess it’s time to say hey, welcome to what Skell looks like now. I’ve finally made my peace with mesh heads, and with all the options for customising Catwa’s heads I can still pile on the slap as much as I ever did.

Soon after getting my Slink hands I fell into the deep, dark, bottomless pit of BUY ALL THE NAIL APPLIERS. Now? I’ve found this little tunnel that’s led me into another pit: BUY ALL THE EYE APPLIERS!


My darlings, I am absolutely smitten  with Avi-Glam’s eyes. I’ve been fatpacking them ever since I discovered them, and I was thrilled to be accepted as a blogger for Avi-Glam. I’m kicking off with these stunning Vivid  eyes, shown here in the Natural shade. I’m a sucker for greens and blues, and when they come together in this lovely a combination I don’t even have to choose.

That’s one happy avatar, I can tell ya. Best of all? You can go heterochromic with these eyes. The HUD (shown below in fatpack form) gives you options to colour each eye individually, so you can be as Bowie as you please.

The eyes come with options for Catwa, LeLutka, and Omega, and a pair of mesh eyes are included for those who don’t have a mesh head. Those last ones work with the regular Avi-Glam HUD, which also allows you to resize and move the eyes around. Options for all; this pleases me!

The necklace is a gift for members of the L’Homme Magazine SL Readers Group, from RealEvil Industries. The group is free to join, and if you check out the 3rd anniversary issue of L’Homme  you’ll find links to seventeen fantastic gifts, so it’s worth the group slot.

I’ve been really loving CDC Creations’ facial hair appliers of late. This one is the #46 tintable one for Catwa heads. (And guys, if you’re having trouble tinting your Catwa facial hair, I’ll give you a tip: tint both the beard layer and  the lipstick layer, because if the hair goes close to your mouth (as in a ‘tache) that’s the layer it’ll be on.)

OK, let’s pull out, because Gild GILD GILD. My fucking god, have I spent a few quid at Gild’s store in recent weeks. This one-shouldered tank is one of many purchases that have shrunk my wallet, and it contains fits for Signature, Slink, and TMP.

Tattoo by DAPPA, with a bit of trickery thanks to the options on the Slink HUD. I still wish it were possible to have one hand tattooed and not the other, but I clicked on just the hands and the right arm for this. There are also tats on the chest, but those don’t show because I’ve not enabled that layer on the Slink HUD. All I needed was a bracelet set to cover the join of the tattoo on my left hand, and these from Swallow (another gift for L’Homme  readers!) fit the bill perfectly.

The jeans are by Gabriel for this month’s Mens Department. They have rolled cuffs, so they play nicely with boots, although… I don’t have a pic. Why? Um, well I was a derp and didn’t realise that the only full-length shot that I took didn’t show the tattoo applier on Skell’s right hand. So yeah; use your imagination, I guess? :p

Shopping time, my lovelies!


Hair: [Bad Hair Day] – Noor (reds)* – available August 13th
Eyes: Avi-Glam – Vivid Eyes (natural)*
Shirt: Gild – 1shoulder T-shirt (black)
Jeans: Gabriel – Color Rollup Jeans (black)
Necklace: RealEvil – L’Homme Primal Necklace (group gift)
Bracelets: Swallow – Swag Bracelet (group gift)
Tattoo applier: DAPPA – Future Tattoo
Facial hair applier: CDC Creations – Beard 46 Tintable V2 (Catwa)
Skin applier: Swallow – Martin
Makeup: Zibska – Noir Pack 05 (10)
Poses: Come Soon Poses, Katya Sessions for K&S
Head: Catwa – Daniel
Body: Slink – Physique Male
Hands: Slink – Dynamic Male

*review copy

Wolf Hour: Catwa’s new ‘Shaheen’ male Bento mesh head

No, my sartorial darlings, your eyes do not deceive you. Skell has gone ginger.


It won’t last, I promise ;-)

A few days ago, Catwa Clip released her third male Bento mesh head, called Shaheen. After ten minutes of playing with the demo and slapping as many applier skins as I could find on it (as well as trying different shapes) I splurged on it, because my God  is it versatile. People in the Catwa group have been sharing their images of Shaheen, and I’ve seen it go from being Middle-Eastern in appearance to Asian, to—in my case—celtic.

In short: if you’re looking for a Bento mesh head that will really  give you a lot of options for styling, I strongly suggest that you demo this one. This is how I styled it yesterday:

Hair Fair has, of course, just started. If you want access to all the demos without the lag, join the Hair Fair Demo group and check notices. (This group is free to join. You shouldn’t be charged any fees for joining any groups related to Hair Fair, so if you are  expected to pay a fee then you’re not trying to join the official group.) You can also find images of everything available at the fair on this post of the Hair Fair blog, which is sorted very clearly by region and location.

As a side-note before I begin talking about the hair I’m featuring here:

I want to say a big thank-you to the organisers of the Hair Fair event. They have pulled out all the stops to ensure the event is as simple to navigate and as lag-free as possible. Each region is sub-divided, and avatar visibility has been removed from adjoining parcels and regions. This means that you will only have to render those on the parcel you’re currently in.

Added to that, each section of stalls at the event has different-coloured shutters to help identify them (very handy if you check the blog, since each store’s region/shutter colour/location in the region is listed there). Also, the signs outside each store are named for that store, so if you have ‘show tooltips’ enabled you can hover your cursor over them and find out where you are if textures are slow to rez.

And, finally, direct teleporting is enabled (no godforsaken landing point to get choked up with avatars!) so if you grab from the blog the SLurl of the store you desperately want to visit, you’ll land right in front of that store.

OK, now I’ve got my profuse thanks out of the way, can we just sit and drool over this hair? Stealthic have brought three styles to Hair Fair this year, all of them female and Bento-rigged. I picked up demos for all three, and this one just screamed  ‘celtic prince’ at me. It’s utterly perfect for historical or fantasy roleplay looks and—as you can see—works just as well on men as it does on women. (Although do be aware, guys, that it will dig in a little between your shoulders if you’re using a male avatar base. In my opinion, this hair is more than worth that little inconvenience.)

An added bonus is the fact that you don’t need a hairbase with this hair, because it’s created with one included. (In fact, if you try to wear it over a hairbase applier, you’ll get alpha glitching, so remove the applier and appreciate the fact that you just don’t need it!) Oh, and it also comes with a styling HUD, which contains several different ways to wear the hair.

I just can’t stop looking at that profile. Seriously, the nose on this head is just killing me; it’s so perfect. Here, have some differently-styled shots. I’ll credit everything at the end of the post:

And here is a front-on view. I’m using my usual shape here:

And, well, just because ;-)

You can pick up the free demo of Shaheen at Catwa’s inworld store. Head inside the store and you’ll find it on the central pillar in the side room to your left. The full price of the head is L$5000. You’ll get store credit when purchasing, so if you buy anything  from Catwa, I recommend getting it from the inworld store rather than from Marketplace. Store credit racks up pretty quickly, and you’ll find some nice cheap extras that you can use it on once you’ve accrued enough, as well as some group gifts.

Credits (images 1 & 2)

Hair: Stealthic – Genesis (Bento Fitted) (reds HUD)
Vest: Gild – Long Vest with Knit Skull Scarf (black)
Pants: Gild – Colour Denim Pants (black)
Skin applier: Avenge – Matthew (peach)
Eye appliers: Avi-Glam – Elysian Eyes (olive)
Brow appliers: Odeco – Catwa/Omega Mens Eyebrow (shaved)
Head: Catwa – Shaheen
Body: Slink – Physique Male
Hands: Slink – Dynamic Male

Credits (image 3)

Skin applier: Tableau Vivant – Nyx (tone 4)
Hair: Stealthic – Reach
Hairbase: Stealthic – Male Hairbase
Eyes: Avi-Glam – Elysian Eyes (fjord)
Brows: Odeco – Catwa/Omega Men’s Eyebrow (shaved)
Shirt: Body Factory – Brad Shirt

Credits (image 4)

As image 3, but the clothing is as follows:

Jacket: ZED – Lace Up Steel Leather Hoodie Jacket


I’ve been a proper little shopping whore this past week, my sartorial darlings. I hope you’re proud of me ;-)

The Mens Dept has begun its 5th anniversary round, and Dark Style Fair is also underway, so today I’m showcasing a couple of items from both of those. I’m also rolling around in new skin appliers for the Catwa Daniel head, so expect to see a couple more posts featuring those over the next few days.

First up, the hair. Skell has had Exile hair all but glued to his bonce for years now, and this new ‘Outsider’ male style out at Dark Style Fair is joining the illustrious list of oh god, how the hell can I choose?  in his, er, hair wardrobe? (Seriously, you think the ladies out there have massive collections of hair; you should see Skell’s inventory.)

This is another hot, mussed style by Kavar Cleanslate. He just does that ‘hands have been running through this’ look so fucking well, and I love it. (Sidenote: I bought a new chair with some verrrrry  nice animations in it yesterday, and Daros and I spent last night, uh, enjoying them. This hair sort of suits exactly how Skell looked by the end of that time…)

The skin applier is ‘Liam” for Catwa (peach tone) by Avenge. Multiple body appliers are available at the store. Slink hands and feet appliers are sold separately (the Slink body applier won’t work on Slink hands and feet). If (like me) you buy the head and body appliers from Marketplace and then go to the store for the hands and feet appliers, make sure you go upstairs to get them. The Slink hands and feet appliers on the lower floor aren’t labelled specifically as female ones, so you could end up making the same L$300 mistake that Skell did. (To be fair, I’ve only had about three hours of sleep…)

The ‘Enzo’ shirt is out at The Mens Dept, and it’s by Ascend. There’s a huge range of colours and subtle patterns to choose from, and you get both a shirt and a loose tie with each purchase.

The ‘Deepforge Chains’ piercings are by Cerberus Xing, and they’re currently out as a free gift for members of L’Homme Magazine Readers Group. I paid full price for these a couple of months ago, damn it! XD You’ll get both left and right sets, in black, gold, and (shown here) silver in the pack. Each item is a single mesh piece, so they’re an absolute doddle to resize.

Skell’s eyes are from a recent fatpack purchase of Avi-Glam’s ‘Celestial Eyes’. These ones are from the Arctic HUD, but I don’t know which individual tone they are, sorry!

A small note for owners of any Catwa Bento heads: Catwa has released in group notices a Bento Presets HUD. This is a fucking awesome  piece of kit that contains 21 placeholders (and I’m guessing you can simply make another copy to hold even more) for any combinations of presets on your Catwa head. I’ll let Catwa’s own notecard explain it:

  • 21 Presets slots, Each button has script, please use this HUD in low lag sim and detach when done.
  • Each Preset slot can save all of the textures applied on your worn Bento Head, also saves the alpha state and tint color of each layer.
  • When clicking the reload button which is above each save button, it will reapply the previously saved data.
  • You can save from any bento head that is version 2.13 and higher, and reload the saved data to any other bento head that is version 2.13 and higher.

I’m chuffed to bits about this, because I’m that guy  who has a folder full of notecards with RGB values for various hairbase tints and the like. Now I can just save them on the HUD and reload them any time I want.

Dark Style Fair runs until May 22nd, and The Mens Dept ends on May 31st.


Hair: Exile – Outsider* (naturals HUD)
Shirt: Ascend – Enzo Shirt (plain black)
Skin applier: Avenge – Liam (peach – Catwa only)
Piercings: Cerberus Xing – Deepforge Chains (silver – gift)
Eyes: Avi-Glam – Celestial Eyes (arctic HUD)
Brows: Avi-Glam – LOGO Eyebrows
Head: Catwa – Daniel (Bento)

*review copy

Like lust

I’ve found the hair from heaven, my sartorial darlings. Take a gander at this close-up:

The feathering at the base is absolutely exquisite, and I make no apologies for gushing over it. The hair is ‘Like Lust’ by Stealthic for Men Only Monthly, and it’s so fucking gorgeous that I dropped L$1000 on the fatpack, as well as L$150 on the hairbase set. This hairstyle is totally  worth that expense.

I’m only showing the version without sides here, since I preferred to show off the equally-gorgeous hairbase. This comes with both appliers and tattoo layers, and it’s one of the finest, most detailed, and realistic hairbases I’ve seen in SL. I haven’t checked out the tattoo layers, but the applier for Catwa at least is a white one that’s tintable to match any colour. I suggest using a colour picker app such as Get Color! so you can get an exact match for the hair shade you’re wearing. (Tip from me: pick the colour from the roots, that way it’ll be more realistic. Sometimes I see avatars wearing light blond hair with dark roots and they’ve put on a light blond hairbase as well. How did they manage to bleach the hair on their scalp without also bleaching the roots?!)

With regard to the hair itself, not only does it come with and without sides, but you have four different styling options in total, both top and full (with the sides) and also with the hair direction going left or right, which is a really nice touch. The style is also unrigged and easy to resize.

Naturally, Skell gravitated to the black and white shades, but out of curiosity also tried the blonds, and oh man…

Yeah. Full-on Nordic, especially after also picking up Stray Dog’s stunning ‘Luca’ applier for the Catwa head at Men Only Monthly. I’m using the browless version here, because – as I’ve mentioned before on this blog – Skell is picky about his brows. He’s always been well-groomed, and likes much finer brows, hence the Avi-Glam applier ones he’s wearing here.

Note: Stray Dog doesn’t make body appliers (yet; one is in the works, apparently) but their appliers match to L’Etre’s skintones, so head there for your body stuff if you pick up this head applier.

Finally, the shirt is by Ascend and also at Men Only Monthly. This fits like a dream, and I especially like the touch at the wrists of making the sleeve solid so you don’t have a gap that might reveal alpha cuts etc. Tons of colour options available, but Skell opted for black, natch.

Short and sweet today, I’m afraid. Go forth and shop!


Skin applier: Stray Dog – Luca (Catwa only: buttermilk/browless)

Hair: Stealthic – Like Lust (blonde HUD)

Shirt: Ascend – Luke Long Sleeve Shirt (black)

Brows: Avi-Glam – Logo Eyebrows (Omega applier)

Eyes: Avi-Glam – Elysian Eyes (fjord)

Head: Catwa – Daniel (Bento)

Body: Slink – Physique Male

Hands: Slink – Dynamic Hands (Bento)


Armin van Buuren blasting through headphones, slap piled on with a trowel, plus bonus glitter. Just another Friday night for a certain Mr Dagger ;-)

Last week I blogged a Catwa applier from Swallow, and Skell was Snoopy-dancing in a somewhat undignified manner at finally  having what he’s been whining for, for what seems like fucking years. Well guess what? Swallow have released another  Catwa applier, and it’s out for just L$550 at Black Fair until April 21st.

Yes, Skell is wearing colour. Settle down, have some Valium, it’ll be all right.

Not only do we have a new Catwa applier from Swallow, but we also have new hair from Exile to celebrate the opening of their new store. And this? Is fucking FREE. Packed to fatness with every HUD, including the ‘mix 1’ version that Skell made with the grabbyhands over as soon as I attached it. It’s unusual for him to actually want to wear brightly-coloured anything, but he clearly had something in mind here.

(Er, someone please tell me I’m not the only one whose avatar just bloody takes over  sometimes?)

The Swallow applier comes with three versions: this heavily made-up one, one with a dark partial stain on the lips (see this Flickr image), and a browless version (again with the dark partial lip stain).

Given that he may as well have been rolling gleefully around in a vat of glitter, he’s looking rather stern, but eh. Said glitter is by Rhiannan Lane for Demonic, and it was available at the January round of Totally Top Shelf. Hopefully it’s now available in the Demonic mainstore.

Eyes from Avi-Glam (my go-to Omega applier eyes these days; this Elysian set is just gorgeous) and Mr Intense was ready to glower at his sartorial darlings.

Go forth and shop! (Oh, and if you’re heading to Black Fair, drag your graphics settings way the fuck down, set Max Avatars to zero, and Max Complexity as low as you want (mine was 20,000 and I didn’t give a toss if any fashionistas got upset at their viewers spamming them with “someone can’t see you” messages). LOD shouldn’t be any higher than 2.0 unless your computer is capable of intergalactic space flight. I was lagged to SHIT  there because of the beautiful but overly-complex mesh buildings in conjunction with 40+ shoppers. You’ve been warned!)


Hair: Exile – Tommy (mix 1) – FREE
Skin applier: Swallow – Gothic Catwa (ivory)
Glitter: Demonic – Thalani Glitter (black – Omega applier)
Eyes: Avi-Glam – Elysian Eyes (ocean – Omega appliers)
Ears: Swallow (included with the Gothic Catwa skin)
Head: Catwa – Daniel (Bento viewer required)
Body: Slink Physique Male

P.S. The Slink male hands have been upgraded to Bento. Grab a redelivery of ’em!

Of course I Swallow

After all, anyone who would spit at what I’m about to show you must be missing half a brain and both eyeballs ;-)

Finally, my sartorial darlings, Skell can get up off his knees (look, I started this post in the gutter and I’ll carry on, if it’s all the same to you) because what he’s been waiting for—for what seems like years—has finally happened: Swallow has released something new he can wear! More precisely, they’ve released a male Catwa head applier.

A couple of years ago my favourite SL skin store stopped making skins for system avatars and moved to making installers for TMP heads only. Skell would sob and wail and gnash his pixel teeth every time he saw a stunning  new skin on Swallow’s Flickr stream, only for it to be TMP-only. My lovelies, you know  how I feel about TMP, so there was no way on earth I would compromise my moral standpoint just to look pretty. I’ve finally stopped bitching about mesh heads, to the point where Skell hasn’t taken Catwa’s Daniel head off since he got it, but I’ll never stop bitching about TMP and their business practices. Not sorry about it.

But I was browsing Marketplace the other day, looking for cheap stuff to throw together a Noob Dude kind of post, and I remembered that Swallow have a great L$1 skin on there. Imagine the shriek I let out on seeing a male Catwa applier at the top of Swallow’s page. Since I practically live  in Swallow skins, I was all over this like a bad rash. (Ew, nasty analogy there, Skell…)

So here is Martin, in all his gorgeous glory:

Oh hell to the YES. Sign me up and I’ll roll over. What a face. If there’s one thing I’ve always adored in Swallow’s skins, it’s the beautiful detail around the eyes, but also this time look at the lip textures. This skin is, quite simply, exquisite. To the point where I’m going to do something I don’t usually bother with when it comes to skin posts: I’m going to zoom in on several points.

Let’s begin with the eyes and brows. So many skins fall down—when it comes to my personal aesthetic—with the brows. They’re often either too heavy and thick, or they’re too unkempt. Skell has always been well-groomed; even when he has facial hair it’s neat. These brows are quite heavy, but perfectly-shaped, and the detailing of the individual hairs is so beautiful. And, moving onto the eyes, we have waterline eyeliner built-into the skin, which is subtle enough that it won’t turn off guys who are averse to any kind of cosmetic look on their face, but strong enough to give definition to the eyes.

And then there’s that mouth. Is it wrong to want to snog your avatar?! Cheekbone shading, too, which—alongside the included shape—means you could cut glass with them. This is as close as I’ve seen Catwa’s Daniel come to the TMP head. It doesn’t match the jawline exactly, but the cheekbones are spot-on.

Overall, in each skin tone pack, you’ll find the applier, a shape, and a pair of high-definition ears. I own almost all of Swallow’s mesh ears, and these are a doddle to fit. I find they stick out a bit too much for my liking, so I simply kept the Catwa Daniel ears enabled and edited the Swallow ears over the top of them, until they were almost ‘merged’, then hid the Catwa ears and fine-tuned the positioning of the Swallow ears.

Swallow appliers are available for most male mesh bodies, and there’s an Omega option, which will also work with Vista’s Bento hands.

I love this skin so much I bought the company splurged on the fatpack. Now… over to you, Æros ;-)


Applier: Swallow – Martin (Catwa)

Eyes: Avi-Glam – Elysian Eyes

Hair: Dura – Boy*65 (wood bark)

Suit: Eclipse Design – Diesel Jacket (black)

Necklace: Mandala – Uzumaki Necklace

Head: Catwa – Daniel (Bento viewer required)

Damn, Daniel!


Catwa Clip released Daniel, her long-awaited male Bento head last night, and the store was crammed with avatars waiting to pick up the demo. I was one of them, and after playing around with it for a bit, I dug deep into Skell’s wallet. Because, well… damn, Daniel!

I’m going to be tweaking for a while yet, but this is as close to Skell as I’ve managed to come so far with this head. And yes, there are frustrations for me when it comes to applying combinations of makeup, eyebrows, and hairbases (which is why I’m wearing a skin that comes with brows, for now) but I’m pretty certain that’ll all come much more easily once I get used to the HUD and its various workings.

I know I won’t be able to layer makeup like I can on the system head (you know me, my sartorial darlings: there are five makeup layers on the avatar head, and I tend to use them ALL) but I’ve been experimenting with the Omega makeups that I do have, and I’ll be hunting around for some Catwa-specific ones soon. (I already have some by Slackgirl, so I’ll be looking into those a lot more.)

So here he is, my lovelies. Bento Mesh Head Skell. Nah, that mesh bonce won’t be a permanent fixture on his shoulders. Mesh heads will still be fashion accessories to me, especially since I know I can do so much more with Skell’s system phiz. But I’m pretty happy with this one.

Cheekbones for miles.

I suppose I’d better give you a quick rundown on what he’s wearing, other than the head, right? The hair is Tableau Vivant for the current run of The Mens Dept, and the coat is sYs, again for The Mens Dept. Jewellery by Maxi Gossamer, piercings and earrings by Kibitz, makeup by Sn@tch, and eyes by IKON.

The skin is a special release for the Daniel head (although it’s not exclusive to it) by L’Etre. Please note that if you use Slink hands and feet, you’ll need to buy those appliers separately. For this look, Skell needed the head applier (also comes with a system skin), Slink body applier, Slink hands applier, and Slink feet applier. Other mesh body appliers are also available, including Omega.

The Daniel head is L$5000, and you’ll earn store credit for each purchase at both Catwa and L’Etre.


Head: Catwa – Daniel (Bento viewer required)

Skin: L’Etre – Daniel (pearl)

Coay: sYs – Chester Coat (black)

Necklace: Maxi Gossamer – Sister Catrina Muertos

Piercings: Kibitz – Canion Unisex Piercings (silver)

Earrings: Kibitz – Radius Unisex Ear Piercing

Makeup: Sn@tch – Morgana Gothic Eyeshadows

Ring: Maxi Gossamer – Royal Kadijah Estate

Hair: Tableau Vivant – Oliver Hair (naturals II)

Eyes: IKON – Sovereign Eyes (deep hazel)

Poses: Boys To The Bone

Stay behind your velvet rope

It seems to me that’s what you are:
A rare and priceless work of art.
Stay behind your velvet rope,
but I will not renounce all hope.

I’m quoting Madonna’s Masterpiece  for this post, because this suit IS a fucking masterpiece. Seriously, I was blown away when I first saw it. And, of course, it made me go full-on dandy.

[ full-size version here ]

Available at this month’s Mens Dept, the Joseph Suit  is by Ascend, and comes in both plain and pinstripe versions, in many colour variants. Trousers and jacket are sold separately, and in the jacket section the scarf/cravat and feather boutonnière  are separate, so you can just wear the jacket with its attached waistcoat and turtleneck if you don’t want to go full-glam with it. (But why the hell wouldn’t  you?!) You also get a plethora of colour and pattern options in a HUD for the scarf, waistcoat, and turtleneck as well.

The shoulder mantle is from a cheap-as-hell non-mesh outfit at the back of the Gabriel store. Just L$99 for a full suit. Sure, the mantle is flexiprims, but hell does it work with this look.

[ full-size version here ]

The cane is by ~*Souzou Eien*~ and comes in both ornate (shown here) and simple versions, with a colour-change HUD for wood and metals. The boots (because c’mon, I had  to go with heels for this!) are female ones by Eudora, but they resize nicely for blokeish feet.

Lastly, the Oliver  hair by Tableau Vivant is also out at the current Mens Dept.


Jacket: Ascend – Joseph Suit Jacket (plain black)
Pants: Ascend – Joseph Suit Trouser (plain black)
Hair: Tableau Vivant – Oliver Hair (naturals I)
Cloak: Gabriel – Mantle (from Black Tuxedo with Mantle outfit**)
Cane: ~*Souzou Eien*~ – Dapper Cane*
Shoes: Eudora – 3D Steampunk Boots (BRS)
Earring: Swallow – Groupie Gold Earring
Ring: Maxi Gossamer – Royal Khadijah Estate (large – gold)
Eyes: IKON – Sovereign Eyes (deep hazel)
Hairbase: Cheveux – Mens Hairbase
Eyeshadow: Mock – Party All Night/Indifference (desert sand)
Skin: Swallow – Raphael (porcelaine)
Pose: The Muse Poses

*review copy
** non-mesh and just L$99 at the back of the Gabriel store