HOW many?!?! (The inventory meme)

It’s a quickie (wahey!) today, so here it is: The Inventory Meme :-)

What is your current inventory number?

Hoshit. Um… 93,347. Eek! Wait, lemme empty my trash! *rummages* 93,260. Uh, that’s not much better is it?

If you had to delete your whole inventory and could only keep one thing, what would it be?

The wedding ring that Daros gave me :-)

What is the last thing you purchased?

A large parcel of land in our home sim, which I literally just won in an auction about 15 minutes ago – YAY!

Which item do you wear most often?

My boyfriend ;-)

When you search for the word penis, how many items pop up?

Only four, actually. However, if I search for ‘cock’ it’s 41. And yes, that’s just cocks of the penis variety (not peacock-coloured clothing etc). And no, I didn’t count the outfit folder links!

An open letter to mesh clothing designers

I’m not scared of being different.
I’m scared of uniformity.
Celebrate the freaks.

This is something that I’ve wanted to put out there for many months. So far, only my Flickr faithfuls have seen me talking about this, but now I have a wider platform and I intend to use it.

This is an open letter to mesh clothing designers. It’s a plea from the avatars who once happily played around with system and modifiable sculpt clothing intended for avatars of the opposite gender and who are being edged into uniformity by the limits of mesh. If you design mesh clothing (and, in some cases, mesh accessories such as jewellery) then please read on.

(Note: This post is image-heavy. Make a cup of tea while it loads…)

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Oblig. “I’m too old for this shit!” post

Yes, I’m whining again. Deal! :p

I finally rezzed the house rezzer/vendor that I bought, um… *small voice* two years ago (oh god). I’ve seen it used elsewhere, and I know it’s good, but see… the thing is… (Skell, you’re making excuses already)… *sigh*

I have SO MUCH STUFF to go into this thing! And there’s always a learning process which, sure, gets easier the more times you do it, but ARGH! Learning processes!

Oh well. I got one item done. That’s a start, right? I’ll test-rez it tomorrow. Because most of my skyboxes are fully-enclosed, people will need a teleporter to get inside. And, while I could just rez one and place the skyboxes around it, there are a couple that need teleporters higher up. That’s where it gets confusing, because it means I have to get the vendor to rez a custom teleporter for every item.

Oh… wait. I could rez the higher-up one anyway, and just bring all the other skyboxes up to that level. That would save the hassle of adding a teleporter to be rezzed every damn time (because the ones I use will re-set every time they’re rezzed). Which means… I have to do this one all over again.

Oy fucking vey.

An exercise in frustration

Trying to get a photoshoot done for the blog has been an exercise in frustration tonight. I suspect it’s my graphics card. I am NEVER buying ATI again, I swear. I don’t know what possessed me to switch from NVIDIA in the first place, but this Radeon HD 7800 has given me nothing but problems since I got it.

Of late, the world around me keeps fuzzing out and then back: a constant rebaking of textures. Not on my avatar; rather of everything around me. See the painting behind Skell in this image? It was sharp for a while, then it blurred. Texture-refreshing it in Firestorm brought it back to sharpness again… for about 30 seconds, then it blurred once more. (Larger image here, in case it’s not obvious in the resized shot in this post.)

Usually, this happens after I’ve been logged in for between one and two hours, and I have to relog to get sharp textures back again – for about another hour or two. But today?

I got just fifteen minutes before the blurring started. I gave up after about ten minutes, and simply logged off.


Bust a move? Bust a gut trying to get back in, more like

Nick Rhodes has long been something of an icon for me: a guy not afraid to wear makeup and dress outlandishly, as well as being one of the best synth composers and players since Eno. Today is his birthday, and the DDU sims in SL are throwing a party, up in the spaceship in Khanada region.

So there Skell was, screen full of opened Humanoid dances (never rely on a dance HUD at laggy events; play them directly), with the party just getting started. Suddenly – *ting!* – that sound we all dread. “You have been logged out of Second Life. The region may be experiencing trouble.”

Yeah, yeah. The region was struggling, everyone was lagged, but it’s one of four private regions and 43 avatars should be able to fit easily onto the sim. I suspect that those regions hadn’t yet received the LL bugfix for the random disconnects at busy events that some people have been experiencing, and which has been going on since December 2012, if this forum post is anything to go by.

Naturally, I hammered the login server, but Skell just wasn’t being logged out. For 15 minutes I tried, even sending an alt to the sim (who couldn’t move, but who could verify that Skell was still stuck there, dancing). And then… the alt got logged out!

*sigh* So anyway, it was fun while it lasted. Just a shame it didn’t last any longer, because having the same machine logged out at random, twice in the space of 20 minutes? No way was I going back, to risk being stuck again.

Anyhow, happy birthday, Nick. Thanks for all the music, and the artistic inspiration ;-)

(Pure theatre. That shot of the ghost-white chauffeur on his hands and knees knocks me flat every time.)


There once was an ugly duckling

2007 was a cruel year to be a newb.

We didn’t have much (well, fuck all, really) to work with. I finally managed to find the screenshot that I took the day Skell discovered the camera controls and saw his default ‘male goth’ face, just two days into his Second Life.

I actually screamed. The very next day, Daros took me to buy a skin and shape. Five years on and hey, look! I am a swan!*

*mostly serene on the surface, but paddling like hell underneath.

Like most avatars of that time, I soon found my way to The Freebie Warehouse, Sarah Nerd’s Freebie Paradise, and… here:

Most of SL’s old farts (pre-Windlight avatar? Sorry, you are an old fart) have a soft spot for Yadni’s. Sometimes we even go back there, just for old time’s sake, just in case there’s some new pack of freebie… stuff left lying around. Ah, nostalgia ;-)

Then, there was Gor:

Lots of Gor:

There was gay (yay!) Gor:

(I still have no idea why I was the most-dressed person there.)

But, eventually, I ended up here, with the help of my gorgeous boy, who dragged me around stores to find me skin, shape, and hair:

And that was the sweet and innocent (do you need some cough candy? that sounds like a nasty cold on the way) boy who forged a pixel path to fashion… something or other, several years down the line.

Welcome to Virtual Bloke. Expect anything and everything here. I don’t DO pigeonholes ;-)