Children of the Revolution

It’s Steam Hunt time, my sartorial darlings! And that means it’s time for Skell to put together a 2014 variation on his steampunk look, so here it is (together with info about my Steam Hunt prize, and other new steamy goodness in the store).

UPDATE: It’s March 1st and the hunt has begun! Here’s a full SLurl list of all participating stores, from the official hunt blog.

This year’s look is a mesh-n-clothing mishmash. (Try saying that five times, fast, after a few bevvies…). I’ve done some nice arty shots (*snort*) to begin with, but fear not; you can get a better look at the outfit toward the end of the post, when I post the images without all the arty-farty stuff.

Keep an eye on the background. It’s a new build I’ve put out in the store, and I’ll show you that in full later on, too.

Jacket from Grasp, pants from Sn@tch, boots from Hoorenbeek, hat and monocle from Yasum. Collar from Pure Poison, ring from KOSH, hair from Dura and eyes from IKON.

Enough of the arty stuff. Have the same shots, in full and gorgeous lush colour!

The background is my new skybox, called The Parlour. It’s just 10m x 10m and has a 9LI. I’ve included a small curved landing point, so it’ll make a cosy little home or store, or just use it as a photo booth.

Find it at Domicile, on the Steampunk wall.

The STEAM IX Hunt begins at midnight tonight, and I’m at #55 with a very special prize: a fully-furnished Victorian skybox. Coming in at 20m x 20m and 118 prims, it contains lots of furniture and accessories for the well-to-do gentleman and his lady.

Click for full-sized image

I’ve also put out my usual Steam Hunt Special. This is a limited-edition build that’s only on sale for the duration of the hunt each year, and then it’s withdrawn. It’s usually out for a stupidly-cheap price, too ;-)

This year’s Steam Hunt Special comprises two skyboxes. These are variants of our office at GB City: a single-storey and a two-storey version (including self-configuring customised teleporters). Just L$25 for the pair of ’em:

Click for full-sized image

I’ve also refilled the Lucky Boards with a full set of Rajpunk furniture, plus the Steampunk Retreat skybox. And in the Midnight Mania is the Steam Caisson:

The hunt prize is already out in the store (SLurl here) and the Luckies and MM boards can be found here (Slurl).

Outfit credits

Jacket: Grasp – Studded Pea Coat (brown) [ asalt.eames ]

Pants: Sn@tch – Fangbanger Velvet Pants (brown) [ ivey.deschanel ]

Boots: Hoorenbeek – Mullingar Boots (brown) [ ansor.hoorenbeek ]

Hat: Yasum – Mesh Steampunk Hat [ azlyn.vaher ]

Monocle: Yasum – Mesh Steampunk Monocle [ azlyn.vaher ]

Hair: Dura – Boy*30 (dark brown) [ chiaki.xue ]
Note: This was heavily-edited to fit under the hat

Necklace: Pure Poison – Kayra Necklace (old gold) [ shaleene.kenin ]

Ring: KOSH – Adain Ring (brass) [ lynaja.bade ]

Hands: Slink – AvEnhance Male Hands (relax) [ siddean.munro ]

Nail appliers: A:S:S – Autumn [ photos.nikolaidis ]

Skin: Fruk – Bennett (Thanatos series: black/blue) [ chucky.hollak ]

Eyeshadow: 22769 – Visage Guyliner [ mondra.kira ]

Lipstick: Glamorize – Naturals lips for men (08) [ yoko.leeeroy ]

Poses: The Muse Poses [ audrey.cresci ]

Backdrop: Domicile – The Parlour [ skell.dagger ]

Dear Diary: It’s beginning to look a lot like…

Dear Diary,

My Christmas never really begins until the week before the actual day itself; in fact, the opening weekend of that full week. So that means yesterday and today. The turkey is now in the freezer, the food and booze stocks are ramping up, the Christmas cards are fluttering through letterboxes and being left on desks at work. And, today, I finally blinged out my RL house. Yes, I brought the decs down from the loft a couple of weeks ago, but this weekend has always been the one when my house turns into an explosion in a tinsel and bauble factory. Good taste? Not when it comes to shiny and sparkly things ;-)

Here, have a rare RL pic from me: a macro shot of my Christmas tree. I’m not exactly a traditionalist when it comes to colours…

Russet shiny glitter-edged roses, cointreau apples, and coppery snowflakes. My kind of tree ;-)

I’ve been decking-up in SL, too. GB City had its municipal switch-on of lights last night, and the tree also went up (my old 2011 Patron ‘Psychedelic Fir’ tree, still looking gorgeous).

I found these brilliant free one-prim lights in my inventory (both strings and window-surrounds like this one) so the windows and door frames got glitzed up in our main home: the steampunk tower. Here’s my writing nook:

The lights are great little freebies from El Patio. Find ’em here on Marketplace.

And, last night, Daros and I hung our stockings by the fire, with the greatest of care ;-)

I have to say it: decking out for Christmas is one of my favorite things to do in SL. I’m usually itching to start doing it at the end of November, but I force myself to wait until this weekend.

I haven’t made anything special for the store this year, save a freebie mesh Christmas tree that you can pick up inside Domicile or at the GB City landing area.

Fireplace and other decor not included! (Those are from Apple Fall, if you want ’em.) Here’s a better shot of the tree from the ad board:

Plus, I’ve switched out the lucky boards at the GB City landing area. Gone is the steampunk collection of stuff and back in are some wintry items:

And I’ve thrown last year’s humungous Christmas gift – the Winter Skybox – into the Midnight Mania board. 50 spanks of the board’s chilly blue bottom and it’s yours :-)

Quoth the Raven, “Nevermore.”

It’s coming up to our favourite time of year again, and – as always – we have a freebie for you!

The Corvus Skybox is partial mesh (the chandelier and windows are mesh and are linked to the rest of the skybox, which is conventional prims) and comes in at 20m x 20m and just an 18-prim land impact. It looks great with Advanced Lighting enabled and some spooky Windlight settings:

Happy Hallowe’en, my little darklings ;-)

Pick it up here!

PLEASE NOTE: To allow gifting and redelivery (should you need to), the build is packaged in a vendor that will require you to pay it L$1. This will be refunded immediately, so the build still costs you nothing.


Dear Diary: Ch-Ch-Changes

Dear Diary,

Well, here I am on a Sunday morning with a headache. Mainly because I stayed up until after 3am this morning, working on something new and huge, and for some reason I woke up just five hours later.

Tomorrow is Skell’s sixth rezday (*balloons!* *party streamers!* *virtual booze!* *virtual hangover!*) and, usually, I treat myself to something special on that day. My first rezday gift to myself, way back in 2008, was a brand new skin. Back then, at about L$1500, that was a large outlay for me, but now? Pfft! That’s nothing ;-)

It’s getting harder and harder to find things that I want to buy or have room to rez. I’ve seen several beautiful homes, both inworld and on Marketplace, that I’d like, but we already have… several homes (it’s something of a giggle between us, just how many we have) and I don’t know what I’d do with anymore! (Having said that, every year Daros manages to find the absolute perfect thing for my rezday. In the past that has included a building which, after saying I don’t think I could want any more buildings, is so absolutely, achingly gorgeous, I have to rez and furnish it!)

So, the big ticket items for this year’s rezday will probably be something to build with. Maybe a pile of gorgeous texture sets, or a builders’ package of… something. I don’t know yet. I spent rather a lot on textures yesterday, but I’m sure I can find some more ;-)

The reason why I stayed up until after 3am is that, every couple of years I get a bit antsy about the mainstore and want to re-build it. As our stock of items for sale has expanded (along with our building skills) we’ve slowly increased the floorspace of what we’ve always called the GB Mall (it’s actually one big store with several departments, each one of which is owned by either Daros, me, or our dear friend Rannon). I looked back over past screenshots to see if I could find any with images of the stores we’ve had so far.

The first incarnation of it was a little sky mall, probably no bigger than about 30×30, featuring 10×10 stalls, into which we placed our ad boards. I found a few old shots of us at Halloween (with our pet dancing skeleton!) on my Flickr stream:

The second incarnation of the mainstore was a much bigger grungy building (which I later remade and stuck out for sale in both incarnations: with lava, and without lava – but not including the ‘work area’ shown in this image).

The most recent incarnation of the store is two of Lost Dawn’s fabulous old warehouses, rezzed one behind the other. It was the only way we could fit everything in, as back then the land we owned in Jindalrae was limited and the parcels slightly awkwardly-placed. Since we now own almost half the region, it’s time for a change.

Daros’s old Beggar’s Day grunge and skater clothing store. Now he can rez that all out again!

The new build is big. I mean really BIG. I ended up rezzing megaprims over all the land we own (on the ground) then sending them up into the air so I have a base to work on and can see where the ‘holes’ (parcels we don’t own) are. There are only three main ones, and I’ve blocked those out with tall trompe l’oeil buildings, so it looks as if you’re in a city. Then, with the aid of some fabulous new textures, and some (unbelievably cheap and free) modifiable buildings, I got to work.

Here’s a preview of what I got done in just a few hours:

Yes, this is a candy store in the second pic. I want this to be as much a photo op location as a store location. Hell, people could probably even roleplay there, if they wanted to. We might! And yes, there will be more stuff going up behind me in this shot.

I won’t be using all the mapped-out land (I’ll block it off with more trompe l’oeil) but it’s good to know that we can expand if we want to. The one thing I’m dreading is changing all the LMs, but I’ll get to that when it’s done.