One of our Lindens is missing

Brutus’s perky butt proves too much for Caesar. (Photo originally taken for the Flat Rodvik Linden meme.)

I’m late to this, but apparently Rod Humble has left Linden Lab.

It’s a tad peculiar that he announced it on Facebook, and that there has – as yet – been no official announcement from the Lab (but hey, we all know how badly lag affects communication, don’t we?) but, all in all, I’m sad to see him go. You will have your own opinions on what he brought to and did (or did not) for Second Life, but he did usher in a lot of basic improvements that fixed things which have been bugging users for years. How many times have you seen people ranting at the Lab for bring in new shiny stuff while not fixing the long-annoying stuff? Well, Rod did at least start work on that long-annoying stuff. It’s far from done, but he made a much better start than Mark ‘M’ Kingdon ever did.

Sure, he also heralded some stuff that was experimental but didn’t yield the user uptake or enthusiasm that I suspect the Lab had hoped for (pathfinding, anyone?) but overall I always got the same impression from him that I got from Philip Rosedale: he loved Second Life and actively took time to explore and experience it. He’s noted on several occasions that he sometimes takes an alt out and about to meet people and look around, and to experience what those of us who live in and love SL also experience. This Drax Files  episode is a good example of that:

I sincerely hope the board of directors at Linden Research pick another CEO with that enthusiasm for virtual worlds, rather than another ‘M’. And I promise, I had nothing to do with this! Blame Berry; she made me do it! :p


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An exercise in frustration

Trying to get a photoshoot done for the blog has been an exercise in frustration tonight. I suspect it’s my graphics card. I am NEVER buying ATI again, I swear. I don’t know what possessed me to switch from NVIDIA in the first place, but this Radeon HD 7800 has given me nothing but problems since I got it.

Of late, the world around me keeps fuzzing out and then back: a constant rebaking of textures. Not on my avatar; rather of everything around me. See the painting behind Skell in this image? It was sharp for a while, then it blurred. Texture-refreshing it in Firestorm brought it back to sharpness again… for about 30 seconds, then it blurred once more. (Larger image here, in case it’s not obvious in the resized shot in this post.)

Usually, this happens after I’ve been logged in for between one and two hours, and I have to relog to get sharp textures back again – for about another hour or two. But today?

I got just fifteen minutes before the blurring started. I gave up after about ten minutes, and simply logged off.


.::{~~[^**Quit With The Cute Folder Names**^]~~}::.

Admit it. You took one look at that title, shuddered, and nodded emphatically. If not, then take a little scroll through your immaculately-sorted inventory because, even if – unlike the rest of us heavy shoppers – you don’t have a pile of unsorted stuff waiting to be neatly put away, you must have at least one folder where **!!<<OMFG MY STORE IS AMAZING!>>!!** sits above COME SHOP AT MY PLACE.

One starts with the letter ‘O’, the other with the letter ‘C’. Unless you deliberately sort every single thing in your inventory in date-purchased order, rather than alphabetically, the fact that C should come before O is… a no-brainer.

Why do creators do this? I tried to come up with some reasons, and they boiled down to the following:

  • “Special characters put my item at the top of everything; it gets my item noticed1 more”
  • “It looks cute2/creative/artsy/fun”
  • “I am expressing myself 3 through my branding”
  • “I’m going to make you file my item in its own dedicated place4, because you’re so sick of trying to find it”

1: Yes, for being annoyingly-named
2: No, it doesn’t
3: Actually, you’re telling me you don’t give a toss about my blood pressure or my filing system
4: Yep: the trash

UPDATE (July 5th 2013) – Ruina makes a good point in the comments about branding, and I’ll admit that I was being kind of arsey in this post about that. She’s absolutely right (see my reply to her), so I’ve struck that point out. (Note: if I’m ever wrong here, you won’t see me delete shit. I’ll strike it out, but let it stand. The internet is forever, so if you’re an arse at any time, might as well let your arse-ishness stand, rather than try and cover it up.)

Any more suggestions as to why, drop a comment, because I am stumped, dear reader. Thing is, I love many of these stores, but I am getting heartily sick of having to constantly re-name their folders (so heartily sick that, clearly, I’ve procrastinated for too long and I now have a complete morass of folders to work through *sigh*).

As a creator myself I wouldn’t dream of it, because if there’s one thing I know it’s this:

Putting non-alphabetic (for me, this also includes numbers, and when people use the letter ‘x’ as decoration) characters at the start of a folder/item name means your item gets LOST in the scrolling to get PAST all that stuff to find the stuff that’s actually named normally.

You want to be actually found in someone’s inventory? Give your folder a normal name. You do know that certain special characters trump other special characters, right? (Of course you do. You researched that and you use the very top special characters that come above everyone else’s special characters? Dear god, give me a fucking break!)

I’m going to subject you to the mess that is the special-charactered miasma of my unfiled inventory folders right now. Be prepared for a L A R G E image, my little darlings. I don’t like to brag, but you might want a little lube over there, honey, because this baby is BIG:

Mmm, betcha feel nicely sore after that ;-)

The red lines denote points where the alphabet ‘breaks’ (ie: a much later letter comes before an earlier letter). In the case of folder names that start with the same letter, any breaks are taken from the second letter (thus there would be a break between ‘brown’ and ‘beige’ if the former came before the latter, since ‘e’ should come before ‘r’).

Count ’em. EIGHTEEN breaks.

Now, find me the Æros ‘Miles’ avatar that I want to blog.

I’ll wait…

… I’m still waiting…

Ah! You found it! Thanks! I was looking for that ;-)

And, creators? The same thing goes for your inventively-prefixed landmarks…

Skell’s “My Second Life” Haiku

So, Strawberry Singh’s recent meme got me thinking. I do love me some fun wordplay, so here is my “My Second Life” haiku:

And, for those squinting at the lovely script:

Big and be-leathered
I gaze at you, lips parted
My clothing folder

And before you get any ideas, there’s only one person I gaze at like that, and he’s small and oh-so-gorgeously-formed. And sometimes he wears leather. Mmm, my boy in leather…

Uh.. s’cuse me. Gotta go see a… *waves hand vaguely* man about a… *even vaguer wave as he legs it*


BTW, I did the current meme (My SL Movie Poster) years ago (well, 2010, anyway), on Flickr:

Dear Diary: Crappity arsebuckets

May 25th 2013

Dear Diary,

I know I’ve neglected you for, well, all year. There was that vaguely hungover entry made on January 1st, wherein I promised (yeah, yeah) to keep up with a diary this year. I even wrote another entry on January 2nd. Then there was that long, whinging entry on January 3rd about not wanting to go back to work after the Christmas break, but after that you and I parted ways and somehow you found your way under the bed (do I even want to know what you were doing under there?)

Anyway, here’s What I Did Today, by Skell Dagger, aged five years and 11 months:

Today was a crappity arsebuckets day. Nothing went right. Purchases = L$3146 (yikes!) and could I put together one fucking outfit from that? Nope. The fashion gods baulked at my every attempt. Individually, it was all completely fabulous stuff. A quick jaunt around the Genre event (current theme = aliens) landed me seven pairs of boots, one pair of earrings, and a necklace. Oh, and some lamps, although god alone knows where I’ll find room to rez those (Skell Dagger: over-decoration a speciality). I guess the lack of anything resembling actual clothing didn’t help much with the general outfit-making, but it was one of those days when nothing worked, and Skell wailed that pathetic cry of pre-party-goers everywhere: “I have an 85k+ inventory; how can I have nothing to wear?!”

Tacked onto the crappity arsebuckets mood, I have a complaint. (Yes, Skell is bitching. Deal.) Whyohwhyohwhy do creators put ‘rigged mesh’ on their ads, and then sneak in an unrigged mesh version as well? I hate to think how many fabulous pairs of female footwear I’ve passed up on, because I’ve seen ‘rigged mesh’ on the ad and assumed there’s no way they’d fit my (size zero, but still clodhopperish, because I’m a bloke, dammit) feet. Today’s seven pairs were all female boots, in three styles. Only one of them stated on the ad that they included unrigged versions, but I picked up demos of the others, just in case.

Sure enough, they contained unrigged versions, but – being demos – those… were no-modify. Not even a resize HUD! How in crap’s name am I supposed to see how they fit if I can’t resize them? You give me unrigged, but they’re the same size as the teeny-toed rigged versions! AUUUGGHH!

I took a risk, and it was worth it in the end, but if there’s one thing that’s increasingly beginning to bug me (other than the usual stuff that bugs everyone in SL) it’s that. Those. Whatever!

So, having failed miserably at fashion, Skell turned his creative talents to building. With Daft Punk’s latest blasting out (on repeat for five days now; we won’t mention what the neighbours think of me, now will we, Diary?) he decided to try his hand at building something in black and gold, inspired by said musical masterpiece.

Two hours later, and no matter which way he tilted his head, it looked… doubleplusungood. Daft Punk? Daft ha’porth, more like.

I’m going to close, dear Diary, by flashing my arse at you. Well, by flashing Fruk’s idea of my arse at you. I had begun to despair of ever seeing mesh pants of as high-quality as I see in womenswear, but without the saggy, “I just crapped myself” look. If that’s your thing, well fine and dandy, but it ain’t mine. I like a firm butt, thankyouverymuch, and thank fruk someone out there gets it.

So here. Happy-arse Skell ;-)