Noob Dude: A Style 101 for the Second Life Male Avatar

Welcome, newbies and oldbies alike, to this ongoing ‘Style 101’ series for the Second Life male avatar. Whether you’re freshly-rezzed and brand spanking new to the grid, or you’re a grizzled old SL fart looking to upgrade his system avatar to the bewildering array of mesh heads and bodies, I hope to cover your pixel arse (in a manly fashion, of course) with these posts.

As a resident of SL for the past ten years (and a dedicated fashion whore for about eight of them) I’ll be guiding you through the minefield of putting together a great-looking male avatar. I’ll try to do it on a budget as much as possible, but I’ll be honest upfront: you will probably need to invest a bit of real life cash into this (you’ll definitely need to, if you’re upgrading to mesh) so be aware of that.

This page will hold links to all of the Noob Dude posts as they go live, so if you’re looking for advice on your male SL avatar or wanting a link to give out to those who might be in need of advice, this is the page to bookmark.

Part 1 – The Absolute Basics of the System Avatar

Special post: A beginner’s guide to Catwa Bento mesh heads for the Second Life male avatar